How to: Cheat Sheet for Fabric Caring

This wouldn’t exactly be a cheat sheet, but calling it so makes it more interesting to read about caring for your fabrics (fabrics as in clothes). Like all others, my clothes are really precious to me and each piece is unique, with the different designs and materials used. More often than not, I find myself taking for granted that I have my mother to help me with my washing.


Because of that, I am embarrassed  to say that I really have no idea that each clothing has to be cared for differently. :( So, after a few trials and errors, I took the effort to learn how to care for my clothings. Really, what is the point of having all these beautiful, gorgeous clothes only to have them ruined because I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to that?


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I started off with lace first because it is by far one of the most delicate fabrics I have in wardrobe. Every time I fall in love with a lace piece, I’d think twice and hard before I get it. Lace clothing are really beautiful, even more after you wear them but they are also very soft and vulnerable. Extra care have to be taken with these lovelies;

  • Lace clothing need to be hand washed in cold water and air dried.
  • If the clothes have zip or buttons, do zip or button them up to avoid sagging when washing.
  • If you need to iron, place a cloth over the lace clothing and iron on that cloth.

Basically, with lace you need to be very gentle with them.



After lace, my favourite fabric would be the lightweight, almost see-through chiffon! Clothes, especially dresses look the best when there is movement in them. I love this chiffon dress because of the asymmetrical design and the chiffon, of course. Walking in this is just beautiful and you almost feel like you’re walking the runway. :D But like lace, it another delicate fabric, so here are a few handy tips;

  • Chiffon tends to tear easily, so be careful of the accessories you wear. It’s best to go with fabric belts and accessories which won’t snag or tear the chiffon.
  • It is very light and it may get burned really easily, so use a cooler temperature or place a cloth over it when ironing.
  • It’s best to hand wash but if you want to machine wash, set the settings to ‘soft’ wash and put the it in a laundry bag. (You can get this from Daiso, for RM5 only)



There is something about velvet clothes that make me “ahhhh…” especially when I see gorgeous clothes made from velvet. It is not often to find clothes made out of this fabric here, maybe because it can get quite warm when wearing velvet. But I do have a few velvet pieces in my wardrobe. Velvet garments are bit more difficult to care for because the fabric can get ruined and crushed easily.

  • The first thing to note is that you cannot iron a velvet garment. If there are creases, you’ll have to use a steamer to smoothen that out. Holding it over the steam of a hot boiling pot of water may help, but be careful.
  • It is best to not fold your velvet clothing, because creases will be formed then. If you must fold, put tissue paper in between them.
  • Some velvet clothing can be hand washed or even machine wash, but if you’re in doubt it will be better to bring it to the professional dry cleaners.

* * * * * * * * * *

I covered on the three most delicate fabrics that I have in my wardrobe. The other fabrics are actually easier to care for like cotton, rayon and what not. Silk is another delicate fabric as well but I think I’ll do that in another post to come. Essentially, it is always best to read the garment care label because that is usually the best way to handle the fabrics. I found a pretty comprehensive guide to understand the labels, because I do get confused often by the symbols!

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I hope you found this post to be useful and caring for your clothes will be so much easier with the few handy tips in this ‘cheat sheet’. Haha. I would really love to hear comments if I should do more posts like this. :) Or drop me a message if you have any suggestions.

Till next time, xoxo.

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