Review: Rainbow Lip Sticker! | Temporary Lip Tattoo


If you remember, I blogged about the lip sticker in this post. For that post, the sticker I tried on was in 046, which Jason thought looked like ‘lap cheong’, also known as Chinese sausages. Or even salami, he said. Well, the only thing anyone can say about this lip sticker is rraaaaaaiinnnboooooowww. 


I have always wanted to try to have rainbow lips, so having the lip sticker in this design was just awesome pawsome! But honestly, I hadn’t expected the colours to be so deep. I mean rainbow reminds me of happy cheery stuff, and the colours on this lip sticker are wee bit darker. But hey, it is still in the colour of the rainbow! Compared to the previous lip sticker I mentioned in this post, this one feels a bit dry. That is why you can see the liner on my lips.

IMG_3073-4oh, hi! *waves*

IMG_3027heh, because I can.

Wearing rainbow on your lips is bound to be a head turner, I mean who wears rainbow and shop in the malls, right? So, wear rainbow lips if you want to walk around with people bending over their backs, just to get a better look at you, the next time you head out. Give me a call when you do, and we’ll hang out. Tee hee.

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