Trend: Oxblood, Fall Fashion 2012

I have taken a sudden interest in runway trends, just recently. I have been into fashion for quite some time; like all other, my passion for fashion started with a fondness of dressing up, looking good. But then, it never occurred to me what was in trend back then, I wore what looks good and what I like. Most of the times, it doesn’t really matter whether others like it or not. (Still doesn’t, I’m the one wearing the clothes after all) Of course, now it’s different because I am reading more about fashion and these would usually cover runway trends, especially since runway shows are pretty big deal.

Confession: One of my dreams would be to attend a fancy exclusive fashion show, *fingers crossed* front row seats!


And so, here I am talking about the runway trend for Fall/Autumn 2012. The reason why I’d post about this “Oxblood” trend was because I had actually gotten myself a piece of clothing in Oxblood, even before I knew it was trending. I meant, what a coincidence, plus I really loved this piece very much that it deserve a post on it. If you don’t know by now, Oxblood is actually a colour. It’s a deep burgundy colour, very rich. It’s strong and it’s a bold colour. Not the eye catching bold, but just bold.


Google will show you just how huge the Oxblood trend is for Fall/Autumn 2012, the wonders of Internet these days. So many inspirations of pretty items! And, here is how I wore the Oxblood trend. When I was scouting for unique pieces to sell on Et Cetera, I saw this amazing faux leather skirt. I knew I had to have it, so I brought it in for Et Cetera and got myself one in the Oxblood colour (there is black too). I didn’t know that it was Oxblood, I saw that as a deeper maroon.

IMG_20121026_182914Look #1

IMG_20121104_180050Look #2

So, will you be wearing this fall’s hottest colour, oxblood? ;)

Note: The photos are shot using my phone, so you’ll have to excuse the quality.


  1. I've been finding for skirt and shorts with this colour too, I thought it was called burgundy or something, now I know it's called oxblood (; How cool!

    1. I had no idea too! Until I stumbled upon it online. Haha. I would have thought it was burgundy too. :)