Oh my..GDA!

Annyeonghaseyo, Hallyu Wave has officially swept Malaysia! Oh my god, the most prestigious awards ceremony ever in Korea is finally taking place right here in our hot and sunny country. Yes, Golden Disk Awards 2013 will be held at Sepang International Circuit on 15 and 16 January 2013. I swear if I don’t go for this, I’m going to be regretting the whole of 2013.

The day I found out that it was in Malaysia, I almost died. My heart skipped a beat as I was having thoughts of finally seeing my lovable idols live, and yes, in person! Being a fangirl, trust me, this is the happiest news one can receive!

Since I’m so hyped up about this event, I’ll share a picture of my sister who probably looks a little like SNSD’s Yoona. [Since I don’t think I look like any K-Pop stars… boo hoo. ;(] 

Completed Yoona-KW

Speaking of which, Golden Disk Awards features all artists from rookie groups to the Kings and Queens of the Hallyu Wave. To be honest, I am the ultimate K-Pop fanatic as most of you guys already know and watching these artists performing right before my eyes would be a dream come true. All this while, I have to rely on pictures, videos and fancams uploaded on Youtube to see my idols performance.

Yes, the excitement can be felt but I know it’s never going to be the same as being in the venue itself. With Nuffnang’s contest, I think this marks the end of me being jealous of those fans in the video if I win the tickets for Golden Disk Awards! Not to scare you, but I do watch reruns of these Korean awards show because somehow, I feel as if I’m reliving the experience every time I do.

Who I can’t wait to see?


t-ara sexy love group pictures (3)





Thanks to Digi which is the proud co-sponsor for this “Korean Grammy Awards”, I can see blue skies and the sun shining brightly. Finally, I feel as if all hope is not lost and that there was a slight chance I could go! Not only that, Digi’s indeed really generous and they’ll be giving out lots of tickets through the GDA 4 Buddyz photo contest for Digi Easy Prepaid users and Buddyz. It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is tweet, Instagram or email a picture of yourself and your 3 Buddyz! Click here for more information!

Unboxing on Boxing Day.

P1050523-3 Shot by Alex | It’s the end of the year, I tend to get bit more emotional. Bear with me, kay?

So, I’m sitting down and I’m painting my nails. That was something I used to find tremendous joy in doing, so much that it gives me peace and it calms me from my busy schedule. But back then, busy was when I have loads to study on and a pending test or an exam that I’m unprepared for. For those times, doing my nails was my escape.

Now, things are different. What problems I used to have, now seemed so trivial. I think so much more these days, I also doubt myself even more. What if I’m doing it the wrong way, what are people talking about me, do they think I’m awful, am I dumb, why do I keep doing things that makes me so unhappy. Frankly, I’m tired. Tired to the core.

Every working day, it’s the same schedule. Maybe, it is because of the quiet time, that I feel going to work becomes a routine. But come 2013, the dreaded time comes and with all that I’ve been hearing I may need more than courage, willpower to stay together. It doesn’t help that the things I look forward to now, will not be there next year. I’d almost feel like I’ve lost something, something that is seemingly unimportant. And when it’s gone, it’s not so easy to move on, especially when you’ve started getting used to it.

So, yes. I’m tired. My thoughts are fragmented and scattered, just like how my physical state is. My room is in a mess, mom’s been nagging to clean up. My to-do-list is never done, stuff just keeps getting piled on. I look fine, I seem okay, I laugh and smile but truth is I’m crumbling down inside, slowly and surely I will break down. It’s just a matter of time.

The worst part is being consciously aware of what’s happening but yet feeling so helpless about it. To know that you’re drowning, to know that you could swim if you try hard enough, but yet despite that you are still struggling.

Maybe I’m putting too much pressure in starting anew with 2013. The clock’s ticking; it’s less than a week to New Year’s. It’s less than a week to get my shit together and sorted out. From the bottom of my heart, I wish no one has to go through what I feel, to be so helpless.

Happy Boxing Day, even if all that I’ve unboxed are sorrows of my past. It’s a brand new day tomorrow, and think about it, I could start ticking off my to-do-lists tomorrow.

Happy ‘the-world-ends-today’ Day!

20121217_075916_0Shot with Samsung Note. Edited with Snapseed.

If you’re at GMT +8 zone, it’s technically 21st December 2012. The day that the world is supposed to end, or half the world is supposed to end first. Because the other half would still be 20th December 2012. Now, it really wouldn’t make sense that in some parts, the world ends on 20th and not 21st. It wouldn’t be synchronized then, no?


So, when does the world really ends then? Well, we really wouldn’t know now. If we do, we are probably dead by then. I think it is times like this, with a pending ‘supposed’ apocalypse, that we should take a moment to appreciate what we have; the little things in life. The fact that I’m breathing and alive, with my family close to me, my friends who make me smile when I’m down and for the gorgeous sun rays that fill my mornings.

Back to December, again.

P1050549-3Shot by Alex | Overexposed, it’s been a year.

I stumbled upon this post; Back to December (Alex took that picture of me, too) which I wrote last year when December came. Reading it again, I realised how little has changed. Last year, I was trying to move on and get over that heartbreak. Close to one year later, I have since moved on from that heartbreak. But I find myself now, trying to move on from another disappointment. And, I have yet to come to terms with how things are. The sudden change, I guess it just screws up the whole balance I thought I finally had. But I was wrong.

So here I am again, back in December with a broken heart.

Out & About: December 9, at Publika.

Lunch at Rakuzen. With a cake from Free Mori. Then, coffee and drinks at The Bee. How was your Sunday?

* * * * * * * * * *

IMG_4638Spider Roll | Crispy fried soft shelled crab; this was really nice although the roll itself was quite huge in size.

IMG_4639California Roll | Because you can’t go wrong with a Californian roll, we ordered this. It was so-so.

IMG_4640Autumn Roll | I never knew avocado was soft. Yes, I have imagined them to be harder.

IMG_4642-2Cranky Salmon Roll | I love love salmon. This was really good, maybe I’m bias but seriously, it’s good.

IMG_4655-2Macchiato | I don’t fancy coffee, but this was a friend’s. He said it was strong, and served in a mini cup.

IMG_4645Raspberry Merry | Raspberry jam, is so awesome. This cake wasn’t sweet, with minimal cream. New favourite, cake. <3

Make Up: Blusher, all that you need.

Yes, really.

Blushers are wonderful; sweeping it along the cheeks can help brighten up the face, almost instantly. That is why I almost never leave the house without putting some blusher on. Because I love them blushers so much, I thought why not create a make up with just blushers of different shade, along with foundation and a clear lip gloss? This feels like I’m doing a make-up challenge where you only use one main products to make up. Haha.

I gave this a try over the weekends and wore it to my friend’s birthday party. For this look, I really did just use blushers after putting on foundation. So, this was how my make up challenge attempt looks like;


Ta-da! I thought the only-blushers-look turned out pretty sweet and nice. As you can see I used blushers for my eyes and even the lips. :D Yeap, the lips too. That is why I said I needed a clear lip gloss, besides the foundation.

* * * * * * * * * *

the eyes


This is how the eye make up looks like. So, basically I used two shades of blushers ― a deep reddish orange and a light pink one. (I’ll show you the colours later). Here are the steps to what I did;

  1. Apply the darker shade on to my eyelids first, using a eye make up brush.
  2. Then, using an angled eye brush, I lightly ‘drew’ an upward tip from the end of my eyes following the angle of my lower lash line. (This is the same technique I used to create the perfect winged liner. Read it here.) 
  3. After that, apply the lighter shade all over the eyes. Even over the darker shade. The point is actually to blend both the colours together so they don’t look too much of a contrast.

Just like that you’re done! If you like, you can put on some eyeliner. I didn’t because I was sticking to the only blusher, make up challenge. Haha. Honestly though, this eye make up brighten up my eyes and even without eyeliner, it looks good too.

IMG_4576The two shades of blusher I used.  The deeper shade was actually from my mom’s collection, and the lighter one was the one I use daily.

IMG_4573These are the brushes I used. The middle one is the angled brush and the other two are fluff eye brushes.


* * * * * * * * * *

the lips

IMG_4513I absolutely loved the colour of my lips! And to think that this came from a blusher.


For the lips, I used the same blusher set from my mom. There are two colours there; the reddish one was what I used for my eyes. I loved the bright pink shade but I don’t have a lipstick in that shade. I thought it’ll be nice to give this colour a try on my lips. :) So, what I did was take a lip brush and get some of the blush on it. Then, mix the colour with some clear lip gloss and you’re good to apply that to your lips.

IMG_4499Make sure your hands are clean before you do this. Haha, As you can see, the clear lip gloss when mixed will become a pink gloss.


* * * * * * * * * *

It’s amazing really to know that all I needed for this look was blushers of different shade. Can I hash tag #mindblown? :3 

Who knew that there was other interesting ways to wear the blusher, than just on the cheeks? I guess this is what it means for a beauty product to do a double-duty, or in this case a triple duty. Cheeks, eyes and lips!


IMG_4526My chubby cheeks and me, being silly. :p

* * * * * * * * * *

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you tried this look, or even the make up challenge, I would love to see how it looks! :)

Till next time, xoxo