Make Up: Blusher, all that you need.

Yes, really.

Blushers are wonderful; sweeping it along the cheeks can help brighten up the face, almost instantly. That is why I almost never leave the house without putting some blusher on. Because I love them blushers so much, I thought why not create a make up with just blushers of different shade, along with foundation and a clear lip gloss? This feels like I’m doing a make-up challenge where you only use one main products to make up. Haha.

I gave this a try over the weekends and wore it to my friend’s birthday party. For this look, I really did just use blushers after putting on foundation. So, this was how my make up challenge attempt looks like;


Ta-da! I thought the only-blushers-look turned out pretty sweet and nice. As you can see I used blushers for my eyes and even the lips. :D Yeap, the lips too. That is why I said I needed a clear lip gloss, besides the foundation.

* * * * * * * * * *

the eyes


This is how the eye make up looks like. So, basically I used two shades of blushers ― a deep reddish orange and a light pink one. (I’ll show you the colours later). Here are the steps to what I did;

  1. Apply the darker shade on to my eyelids first, using a eye make up brush.
  2. Then, using an angled eye brush, I lightly ‘drew’ an upward tip from the end of my eyes following the angle of my lower lash line. (This is the same technique I used to create the perfect winged liner. Read it here.) 
  3. After that, apply the lighter shade all over the eyes. Even over the darker shade. The point is actually to blend both the colours together so they don’t look too much of a contrast.

Just like that you’re done! If you like, you can put on some eyeliner. I didn’t because I was sticking to the only blusher, make up challenge. Haha. Honestly though, this eye make up brighten up my eyes and even without eyeliner, it looks good too.

IMG_4576The two shades of blusher I used.  The deeper shade was actually from my mom’s collection, and the lighter one was the one I use daily.

IMG_4573These are the brushes I used. The middle one is the angled brush and the other two are fluff eye brushes.


* * * * * * * * * *

the lips

IMG_4513I absolutely loved the colour of my lips! And to think that this came from a blusher.


For the lips, I used the same blusher set from my mom. There are two colours there; the reddish one was what I used for my eyes. I loved the bright pink shade but I don’t have a lipstick in that shade. I thought it’ll be nice to give this colour a try on my lips. :) So, what I did was take a lip brush and get some of the blush on it. Then, mix the colour with some clear lip gloss and you’re good to apply that to your lips.

IMG_4499Make sure your hands are clean before you do this. Haha, As you can see, the clear lip gloss when mixed will become a pink gloss.


* * * * * * * * * *

It’s amazing really to know that all I needed for this look was blushers of different shade. Can I hash tag #mindblown? :3 

Who knew that there was other interesting ways to wear the blusher, than just on the cheeks? I guess this is what it means for a beauty product to do a double-duty, or in this case a triple duty. Cheeks, eyes and lips!


IMG_4526My chubby cheeks and me, being silly. :p

* * * * * * * * * *

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you tried this look, or even the make up challenge, I would love to see how it looks! :)

Till next time, xoxo

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