Out & About: December 9, at Publika.

Lunch at Rakuzen. With a cake from Free Mori. Then, coffee and drinks at The Bee. How was your Sunday?

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IMG_4638Spider Roll | Crispy fried soft shelled crab; this was really nice although the roll itself was quite huge in size.

IMG_4639California Roll | Because you can’t go wrong with a Californian roll, we ordered this. It was so-so.

IMG_4640Autumn Roll | I never knew avocado was soft. Yes, I have imagined them to be harder.

IMG_4642-2Cranky Salmon Roll | I love love salmon. This was really good, maybe I’m bias but seriously, it’s good.

IMG_4655-2Macchiato | I don’t fancy coffee, but this was a friend’s. He said it was strong, and served in a mini cup.

IMG_4645Raspberry Merry | Raspberry jam, is so awesome. This cake wasn’t sweet, with minimal cream. New favourite, cake. <3

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  1. The cake looks so good! If you want go to my blog:)