Mhmm, good morning.

“This is the start of something beautiful
This is the start of something new -
This, Ed Sheeran


A few weeks back, I went on another early Sunday morning shoot (after shooting Kah Wai, read more here) with Alex, to catch the sunrise and then to shoot his friends. It was Crys, we were supposed to shoot but turns out we couldn’t fit our busy schedules together.



Shooting nature; the flowers and leaves is bit different with a micro four thirds but I still love how these pictures turn out to be.

_1220712So, this is Lynx.

_1220761And Suzie, with Lynx.

_1220710Our models, for the morning.

So, here is the thing. Alex and I, we, actually it was more of he, kept swapping the cameras with me throughout the shoot so, I can’t say I took all the pictures in this post but I did do the post-processing. :) Which was a joy to do, because the sun was so nice and there wasn’t much to edit.




These pictures are loves, not just because I took them but the camera that did is just gorgeously amazing. I’m smitten by the micro four thirds for portraitures, and I really cannot wait to get my hands on one. I’m pretty much thorn between the EPL-5 or the OMD-5; getting EPL would mean I get to buy a prime lens for portraits for the price of an OMD-5 with kit lens. But in exchange of that, I have to settle on a plain EPL-5 versus, the solid OMD. #iamsothornyouhavenofreakingidea


So, anyone up for shoot? Just let me know. Let’s do Sundays mornings.

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