Eat: From here, there and everywhere.

Finally managed to sit myself in front of the desktop to go through, organize, sort and empty my memory cards. I really really suck at this whole photo organizing thingy, I know I ought to have a flow, but I just don’t bother. So much so that my memory card was constantly out of space that I went out to get more memory cards. Totally doesn’t solve the problem, I know. With the combined memory space of 34GB, I am still running out of space. :x

Anyhows, my 16GB memory card corrupted and I swear I almost died when that happened because that memory card was filled to the brim. Luckily, I found a pretty powerful software; PhotoRec which managed to retrieve the photos on the card albeit those in JPEG formats only. Still better than nothing. Since then, I try to make it a point to save out my pictures into my desktop and format it after that.

So, whilst I was clearing out my memory card, I found some pictures of food I have eaten from some time back and decided to post it up here. :)

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IMG_1730Mini burgers from myBurgerLab. | Don’t remember the type of burgers, but it was good.

IMG_1319Bamboo noodles with chicken from Nippy Noodle Restaurant. | The noodles are made the traditional way, using a bamboo to knead the dough mixture. It was a pity when I was there, no one was making the noodle. 

IMG_7051Sausage topped with Portobello mushroom from The Bee, Publika | I don’t quite recall if the name of this. I loved the mushrooms, but I don’t quite like the sausage. Euro Deli is still the best place for sausages!

IMG_5290‘Ngau Yuk Hor’ / Cantonese style beef with kuey teow from Sang Kee, Jalan Hang Jebat | I can safely claim that this is the best you can ever get from KL, it is that good especially since the shop has been around for at least 50 years now.

IMG_5293‘Pai Kuat Wong’ / King Spare Ribs from Sang Kee, Jalan Hang Jebat  | This is mom’s favourite! No other place cooks it like Sang Kee does.