Nail Art: ‘Ming’ Dynasty’s Vase Inspired

It’s been a while since I last did a nail art, but I was at work when this nail art idea came to mind. There was a contest on Instagram, and the theme was vintage. A simple Google search on vintage nail art would show you images of those gorgeously hand drawn flowers painted meticulously over each nail. Unfortunately, I’m not that good, not even close to drawing anything on my nails. So, I thought about the vintage theme. And then, *snap*. One day, I saw a print of blue and white and I thought the ‘Ming’ Dynasty’s vase. Although, that is more antique than vintage. But hey, worth a shot. This was how the nails turn out to be.


The polish I used for this were Sally Hansen's Blue It and a white stamping polish. The designs were stamped and this is my first time stamping so it didn’t stamped as neat as I hoped it’ll be. Well, practice makes perfect. :) I’ll be trying my hands on more stamping nail art.




And here is the entry I submitted on Instagram.This was for a contest organized by @followthatway (a talented Singapore Instagram user who does these really amazing nail arts). Let’s hope I’ll get lucky :)


Till next time, loves!

Keep Calm and Polish On.

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