So, challenge me.

Every time I’m back here after an unannounced hiatus, I’ll either rant about something or … erm, well, rant more about stuffs that I’m going through. I do that so often, you’d probably think I’m forever upset or in an unhappy state. Partially true and partially not true. Well, imagine this, how do you go through days where everyday feels like a freaking challenge? Like you get thrown with one challenge after another, it feels like it was never going to end.

It’s mid of July, my birthday month and I’m not even egg-cited about it. It’s almost sad really, but there is a saving grace for this month of July. You wouldn’t believe it, but I am thrown with yet another challenge? And believe it or not, it’s one that I am actually looking forward to taking up this challenge.

I have been invited by a cosmetic brand to participate in their Body Shaping Challenge. You’d probably think the challenge involves losing weight and getting fit, to which you will wonder why in the world am I trying to lose more weight. Well, just because it’s a challenge which shapes the body, it doesn’t only concern weight loss. You can be thin, but really there are parts of my body that I am still looking to shape. Why else would I head to the gym?

I won’t whisper another word about the challenge (this is an announcement and basically, a teaser post) but of course, you’d be wondering which brand am I partnering with for this. It starts with big T, and a brand which is pretty famous for their eyelash serum that work wonders. Any ideas yet?

To know more about the Body Shaping Challenge, stalk their Facebook page here. There will be an official announcement on the challenge, and you’ll know what the challenge is about. Alternatively, stalk my blog because I will be blogging about it in the next couple of days. :p

Till then, love you loads (for reading), and stay awesome. :)

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