Talika Body Shaping Challenge [Pt.2] – Week 3

I first blogged about the #TalikaBodyShapingChallenge here, and that was the first part of the challenge where I briefly mentioned about the two products I was given an opportunity to test, under the Body Shaping Challenge. (To know more about the challenge, read my two earlier posts; "So, challenge me." and " #TalikaBodyShapingChallenge [Pt.1] ".

In the last post, I promised an update on the progress of the products, whether had they worked or is it just another cream to add into the list of products I probably won’t ever use. Yesterday was exactly the third week, Week 3 since I started using the products which means I’m about 75% till the completion of the 28 days period of promised results. I was to diligently apply the Bust Phytoserum and Back Up 3D products day and night, daily. Which I have, it’s like a regime now for me.

And I’m glad I did so, because I did see the results after using it for this long now. I wouldn’t say that the results have been so obvious that one can definitely tell that I had my butt and bust done. It’s 100% naturale, which is pretty what I’m fine with. I needed to look better sans putting in the hours in gym, since with my schedule I hardly have time for anything other than work.

One of the obvious results was when I was trying on absolutely gorgeous piece of leather spliced dress in H&M, which hugged my figure so well like a second skin. I could really see the difference then. I usually find shopping for clothes disappointing because they more often don’t fit me than when they do. But, now they fit better than they used to!

It helps that I feel more confident with my body now, especially when I was once thrown with a comment that another girl had worn a dress better than I did just because her cleavage was showing. I never had issues with my body, until then. To get thrown with a comment like that, it really hurts your confidence. I’d be so conscious with wearing my clothes, I ended up resisting myself from getting any clothes with a sweetheart neckline and opted over boat neckline. It was a really awful time for me, and I’m slowly trying to get over it. It hurts more because it came from someone who meant a lot to me.

PSA: Please think it through before you say something mean about another person’s body. Words said, can’t be unsaid. And sorry doesn’t change the fact that you said it too.

So, despite what happened and having to be picked to join the challenge which have been a really apt timing. I have been slowly helping me get my confidence back again and I recently got a really gorgeous lace dress with a sweetheart neckline, maybe I ‘d do a shoot with that for the next part of the challenge? ;)

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