Talika Body Shaping Challenge [Pt.4] – Stage One’s Wrap Up + Giveaway!

I never saw myself as pretty, let alone beautiful; I never could. But no, I don’t go around telling everyone that I think I’m ugly either. I just do that to myself in my head, which drives me crazy sometimes. How do you look into the mirror, stare straight into it, examining every inch of your body and feel good? There is bound to be some flaws somewhere, and the insecure mind would search that out, magnify it and then proceed to make you feel unconfident. 

I briefly mentioned here how I had my confidence crushed and how the two products from Talika (Bust Phytoserum and Back Up 3D) helped me gain back that confidence bit by bit. The last couple of months have been rather crazy with work piling all over, and having too many emotional issues to deal with, I stopped working out and that didn’t help with feeling good about myself. But the saving grace was that I accepted the Talika Body Shaping Challenge and was given the two products I mentioned above.

The challenge went on for 28 days, and I was meaning to post a final closure on the results of the challenge but I was down with a stupid infection (which I have to wear a bandage all the time and I can’t get it wet). To make it worse, I’m constantly feeling lethargic, although I’m not sure if it’s related. But anyway, I feel better now and managed to shoot in a few pictures to show the results of the challenge.


So, the pictures I’m posting in this entry is one hundred per cent my body and not enhanced using Photoshop in any way. At the point of the shoot, I have only been applying the two products occasionally, just to show you that the results from the Talika Body Shaping Challenge is not temporary. :)


Previously, I wouldn’t have dared to fit myself into a low V-neck, figure hugging dress and one in the colour grey. Why? Grey is a lighter colour and with a dress that hugs so tightly like a second skin, you’re likely to expose your flaws while wearing the dress. But, look! The dress fits me and I actually wore it out to a food review dinner, where I would meet people I don’t know. We’re all more likely to be self-conscious with strangers. If before the Body Shaping Challenge, I am more likely to just lust at the dress and wish I could wear it out with confidence instead.


But now, woot, give me any figure hugging dress please and thank you, I will wear them out. Just the other day, I went out shopping and got myself 10 dresses in a couple of hours only, because I can’t wait to wear more pretty dresses with this new found confidence. If you have been reading my posts throughout the journey, or you’ve just read this post and after reading, you’re planning to get these products…. then I have some good news for you!

Talika have been ever so kindly sponsored me with three (3) miniature set of the Bust Phytoserum and Back Up 3D (15ml each) for me to give away to my readers/followers. So, I’m going to have a mini giveaway. Yay! My first giveaway too. ;)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis giveaway is only open to residents of Malaysia, with winners chosen by random and it ends on 30 September 2013!

Do make sure you follow all the steps to qualify as an entry, and you can only win once! But you are more than welcomed to ask your friends and family to join too. I’ll be throwing in some other goodies too, like *ahem* make-up products and infinity rings/bracelets from my online blogshop. So, share away!



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    1. Ah, thanks dear. :D Haven't seen you around lately!

  2. constantly feeling lethargic ... well, not enough rest or sleep and been 'an owl' for PWc doesn't help either :-P