Snaps: Chow Kit in Colours!

If you read my last post on shooting the Chow Kit Market (if you haven’t, click to read it here ; Chow Kit Market in Monochrome), I said I would upload another series of pictures from the shoot but this time in glorious colours. :) I have contemplated in uploading everything in the same post but I decided otherwise because they would be too many pictures in one post and it might bore you to go through, so two separate post it is.

Hope you liked the pictures from this set as much as I did.

* * * * * * * * * *

Ham Choy. Never seen one like this before!

And here's two more pictures but in black and white. I didn't put them in the last set because they weren't part of the Chow Kit Market and I couldn't name the title as Chow Kit Market in Monochrome then. Haha.

* * * * * * * * * *

Unlike the monochrome set, these have been shot around the streets of Chow Kit and in the market itself. While walking around these places, I stumbled upon the cutest creatures ever, cats and kittens. When I saw them, most of them were mostly sleeping or just lazing around. I have always loved shooting animals, because they are the most adorable. But shooting them is a challenge itself, they keep moving! To get the shots below, I used continuous shooting mode.

It looks so peaceful sleeping away.

This adorable kitty was asleep but woke up when I was shooting him/her and while I was taking pictures, Robin in the background was asking it to scratch my lens. Haha, I didn't think it would do it. 

I know cats are the most agile animals out there, but look! 

* * * * * * * * * *

Pictures from this set is shot with the Olympus EPL5, Olympus 45mm f/1.8 ED M.Zuiko Digital and Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 9-18mm f/4.0-5.6 in RAW format, post-processed using Adobe Lightroom.

You can check out pictures that my friends have taken from the same shoot.


  1. Hi Carmen.
    Thank you for sharing another beautiful set of photos. The colours are awesome and I believe you chosen photos well for colours except one. (Which one?)
    May you have a great weekend and happy shooting.
    As for me, I have an event photography at St Ignatius Church on Sunday from 8.00Am to 3.00PM.

    1. Hello!

      Hmm, I'm guessing it's either the pictures of the canned food or the portrait? I'm not shooting this weekend, decided to stay in and work on my previous pictures. Oh, event shoots, that's something I don't quite like. Haha.

    2. Hi Carmen.
      Good morning. Your portrait and canned food are superb. Maybe my eyes had been influenced by your two beautiful balack and white photos namely the two keys and Wah Hin Hotel. I just love their textures and tone with beautiful lighting. My eyes maybe wrong with this buidling images which is just before the portrait. I respect your choice of coloured as it also highlighted the vibrant colour of the banana leaves but the building will gives more impact with B&W as it will highlight the textures and shape. Sorry....this is really a good photograph for me. (I comment because I love this image.)
      I am thinking of going to KL for a walk but I also have an appointment with the doctor. Still undecided.
      May you have a great day.

    3. Hi John,

      Thanks for you message! Those two BWs are my favourite ones too. When I saw that old building, I loved how the banana leaves stood out with stark contrast coupled with the odd door over there. And if you noticed, at the bottom of the actual door are bricks and cloths. This means that area floods pretty often, I thought that by showing in colour, it would tell these stories than in BW.

      But anyway, I did a quick post process on that pic to see what it's like in BW. So here it is;

      Hope you liked that. :)