Swatch: Essence’s Chic Reloaded

I started blogging seriously about a year back, and it all started with my passion for painting nails. I will always remember which was my first polish and who got that polish for me. Since then, I started getting more polishes, started applying them, photographing them and then uploading it to my blog. My blog then was filled with nails and nails and more nails. My favourite will always be Spongebob nail art that I did, which was a popular read. I can totally see why, it was too adorable! In fact, the online shop which I got the stickers used my picture too, but unfortunately she didn’t bother crediting me. Ouch.

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Anyway, I’m back to reviewing another polish which have been sitting in my polishes box far too long. It’s one from my favourite nail polish brand, Essence. I have always loved Essence because it’s so affordable. You can get a great polish with excellent formulation for less than RM 10. Such a steal, when compared to OPI, Colour Club and China Glaze which goes for more than RM20 per bottle.

This time around the Essence’s polish I swatched is Chic Reloaded, a gorgeous micro glitters holographic almost metallic nail polish. Can you visualize how beautiful it is already? Micro glitter + holographic + metallic?

 Chic Reloaded | RM6.90

If someone showed me a picture of the bottle of nail polish and with the nail painted in that, I would get that immediately. What is there not to fall in love with? It has tiny glitters and it’s holographic which means it changes colour. Most of the time it’ll be purple colour, but with certain angles you’ll find hints of green.

I’m going to keep the review simple and sweet.

Review: This polish is one from the updated range of polishes as compared to the previous polishes I have swatched from Essence. The new bottle features a curvy design which makes it more ergonomic to hold in my opinion, easier to handle in other words. The previous design was a typical boring one. With the new improved design, they have also improved their brushes. I loved their brushes even before the release of the new designs, because it’s flat and huge. But now, the brushes are even larger and the tip is curved just like our cuticle! That really helps in painting the polish neatly following the curve of our cuticle. The brush is also huge that it’s about more than half of my nails. Means that two swipe would be sufficient to cover my nail.

In terms of the formulation, it was easy to apply and two coats would provide sufficient coverage. It was also really easy to remove, I usually soak a piece of cotton with nail polish remover, place it over my nail, leave it for 2 mins and it’s removed almost completely. That’s super easy, right?

Unfortunately this polish is not easily available as they do not have a dedicated shop. They used to, but that shop was closed down. Now, you can get them from selected Watson’s outlet. The ones I know that do sell them is at Sunway Pyramid and Endah Parade, Sri Petaling. These are where I would go to get my Essence polish, but again, Watson’s rarely update the collection. It could be months before they bring in new stocks.


So, have I convinced you to get this polish too? I'm hoping to post more on nail swatches, whenever I can. So if you like reading posts like this, do let me know and I'll write it more. :)

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Till next time, 
(keep calm and polish on!)


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