Out & About: FABSPY.com & FSGirls’s Christmas Party

About a couple of weeks ago, I posted on my Instagram, a picture of myself wearing FABSPY’s Rosette Cut Out Shoulder Dress. If you don’t recall or you haven’t seen it yet (because you have yet to follow me on Instagram, do so now!), here’s a picture of myself in the lovely lacey dress paired with my DIY roses flower crown. 

Isn’t it gorgeous? I have always loved lace and those dresses with cut out details, so this is really perfection found in a a dress. *grins* The cut out design gives it such a feminine feel and once you put this dress on, you’ll feel like dancing and prancing around happily. Sometimes, it makes me feel like a fairy too. Haha. 

I love how the lace used is a different type that the usual ones used for dresses these days. This one is of a slightly thicker lace material, so it is less prone to accidents (tearing, hooked by sharp objects and etc). 

The dress came in as a surprise from the FABSPY team; they dropped me an email and ta-da, a gorgeous package awaits me! If you know me, nothing makes me happier than getting clothes in parcels, which explains why I absolutely love shopping online. It’s like buying myself gifts, gifts I know I would love and the best part is I get to unwrap it as well. :)

This little surprise is part of the #FSGirls movement (I like to think of it that way) which FABSPY came up with for all the stylish fashionista out there. To know more about the #FSGirls, read on here.

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Being part of the FSGirls has its perks, like getting invited to the first ever #FSGirls party! It was a Christmas party with a rustic Christmas as a theme, and I decided to turn up in the Rosette Cut Out Shoulder Dress. This time I styled it with my hair up in a bun, wearing a gold leaves headband and chained bracelets in white from etc. For my shoes, I wore peep toe nude pumps. 

I didn’t manage to get a picture of my whole outfit because I was there with my sister who doesn’t know how to use my camera. T.T It’s really sad I can/will take pictures of her, and I don’t have anyone to help me take pictures. Even the picture she took above is slightly blur. Meh. Okay, I’m done ranting.

I had intended to shoot at the party, but I was so distracted with so many things I didn't really get to shoot much. So, here’s a couple of snapshots from the party. The party was a very personal one, with food & drinks and of course, there is shopping too! FABSPY brought some of the new arrivals (two racks, I wished they brought more and more!) and we got to try the clothes. Usually you can’t try because obviously, with FABSPY being an online shop after all. 

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@kahwaih, show her some love!

Met Caroline there!

Such a nice studio/magazine like shoot setting for the food.

Close up on the skirts for sale (at a discounted price!) that night

@audrakay’s gorgeous hair! So pretty and just all the brightest colours. ^.^

Got to meet the team behind FABSPY. Meet Juinn! :)

And of course, Hanie! So nice to meet her in person, and yeap, she's part of the FABSPY team too!

You can also check out the complete album by FABSPY from the party here. :)

* * * * * * * * * *

So, that's all from the party! I cannot wait till they organise the next party and meeting up with more fashionista(s). I have to keep reminding myself to shoot more when I'm at parties like these, because there is photo opportunities everywhere. Next time, it is! 

YUMS. Give me a FABSPY parcel anytime.

And, of course I have gotten a little something from that night. :) I can't wait to post up a styled picture of that. Follow me on Instagram :p and you'll see which piece is this, (it's one of the latest arrival) and how I wore it. 

Till next time,
(keep calm and stay awesome!)


  1. Odd. Your lips look thinner @ the party. Nice lol.
    Somehow u look younger with a glowing face!

    1. My lips are thinner then probably because I was smiling, and not so much in the last picture.

  2. aww, your pictures are gorgeous! =) looks like you had a fun time!

    1. Thanks dear! Yeap, I did. I hope they have another party soon!