Out & About: KARE Design Official Launch in Gardens Mall

Up till today, I will always remember how my parents used to make me follow them to shop for decorations and furniture for the house. I also remember loathing those trips because it is always so boring. I would end plopping myself on one of the sofas and just wait till I turn into a stone. Now, if only, they had more shops like KARE Design back then, I would actually love visiting those shops.

So, what is so special about KARE Design that sets it apart from the boring shops? Well, for a start, you can expect the unexpected from KARE. They have an awesome mix of furniture, lighting, furnishing accessories and gift items with different themes for the purist, traditional, glamorous or even retro lovers.
KARE Design hails from Munich, Germany and in their first ever shop in Gardens Mall, they have approximately 1,300 items on display which will leave you spoilt for choices. What I love the most from them was the shop is divided into obvious theme, and one step into these sections will make you feel like you have stepped into another place all together.

The founder, Peter Schönhofen mentioned KARE Design goes beyond the conventional designs and traditional ideas of furniture. (This, I couldn’t agree more) He adds that they are bold, creative and essentially shameless in our ideas. (This, you will see why in the pictures I took at the opening launch) If anything I can deduce from them, is that things are done very differently, in a way I never seen before. Basically, let’s think out of the box here. No, let’s think out of outer space. :)

I think I have rambled enough, let’s move on to what went down at the official launch, and what I saw too. 

 * * * * * * * * * *

VIPs for the night. :) The founder, Peter Schönhofen is at the extreme right.

  Models, in the different themes of KARE's collection.

And here's another two different showcase of the KARE's collection.

In addition to the KARE trendshow showcase, there was a surprise entertainment by the famous Malaysian violinist, Dennis Low and super cute beatbox-er, Koujee. I said surprise because they started playing without needing any introduction, like a really casual thing which made it all the cooler. Haha.

I have never seen anyone played the violin as good as how Dennis did that night, and I have to admit I was mesmerized by the performance. The same goes to to Koujee, because damn, he beatbox-ed an entire songs like those you hear in the club. Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Yes, I'm so serious.

And, here's some of the awesome people that night. I have to thank Jessica for asking me to go with her. :) I have an umbrella with me, so  un-glamorous because I parked in Garden's rooftop parking and I had to go through some dodgy entrance to the mall, ugh, gives me chill when I think about it. 

My date for the night with some of her favourite items from KARE, and also, a picture opportunity with Fred, the mascot for KARE. 

Here's a sneak peak of what to expect from KARE Design. Whatever impression you have, be sure to multiply that and imagine harder because the things here is anything but but ordinary. 

These two lovelies are the prettiest of all, and I really loved these. Aside from 1001 other things, that is. 

Nothing can beat this awesome deco though, when I saw this, I knew what an awesome gift it would be for a friend. Haha. 

 * * * * * * * * * *

If you're around Gardens Mall, be sure to drop by because you won't regret it for sure. There will be something that catches your eye, that much I am certain.

Lot S209, Level 2, The Gardens Mall

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