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If I were to do a quick and simple survey just to see how many girls out there wear contact lens, chances are most of the girls would have worn contact lenses and are still wearing them. What if I told you there is a online website (if you have not already heard about it) where you can shop for your contact lenses, without ever having to step outside? Personally, that sounds like awesome to me because I have a regular optician I head to to get my contact lenses. Even though, it’s only about 15 mins away from my place, I would end up spending close to 45 mins every time. Well, you see that place is always congested and finding parking is a hassle.

Little did I know that there is a website, which sells just the widest range of contact lenses online, and then delivers it to your doorstep! Best thing is that there is free delivery for KL area (click here for places within the free delivery option). Otherwise, you’ll only have to pay between RM 6 – RM 13 for delivery which is a fair price to pay. (Yeah, trust me because I run the online blogshop; etc. and we have to deliver to various places too.)

So, thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia, I learned about MrLens and was given a chance to try shopping on the website for coloured contacts! :) I have only wore colour contacts twice in my life, it’s rather sad I know. But I’m always afraid to go with the bold coloured contacts, this time around, I decided I wanted a change from my usual contact lens. I’m sure you’ll like to know which I choose, and I will let you know after I give you a brief guideline on how to order from the website.

This is an print screen from the website. 

The website is pretty much easy to navigate around. You click on any items which interests you and you’ll arrive at a page like the one above. You don’t need a Master’s degree to order the products, it’s pretty much idiot proof. The power and the choice of colour can be picked from the drop down menu and there is description of the products on the page as well. If you want to view a larger picture of the product, you can click on the “click to enlarge” option near the picture of the product. I would have had prefer to have the picture of the product to be larger in size by default. Besides, I would liked to see pictures of the actual product when worn, not the model ones. Otherwise, it’s pretty simple and straight forward right?

The website also have a shopping cart function, which basically means you can add all the items you want to get while browsing and only make the total payment once you have decided you have everything you want. Then, for first time customer, you’ll need to sign up for an account to key in all your details and after that, you’ll be directed to the payment page. They accept just about 14 types of payment method, so you don’t have to worry that they don’t have what you’ll usually use to shop online.

And, ta-da! Just like you have ordered your contact lenses and it will be on their way to your door step in no time! That’s just figuratively speaking but you get what I mean. Seriously though, here’s a brief timeline from the day I ordered till the items were delivered.

Day 1 – Placement of Order + Creation of New Account (You’ll receive three emails; one to welcome you to the website and two another to update you on your order, like the tracking details and the invoice.)
Day 5 – Received email informing me that my order have been shipped. (The shipping time is longer because I actually placed my order on a late Friday afternoon. It’ll be faster if you placed it on a working day)
Day 7 – I received the parcel which was delivered by PosLaju. So, all in all it took about a week from the day I ordered till I have the contact lenses physically.

If you’re not in a rush to wear the contact lenses, this would definitely be the better option. The whole process was a pretty straight forward one and it’s just so easy to order. I love that feeling when things get done so fast and efficiently, just like that I get to spend my time doing other things than to brave myself through the traffic and parking. I could still get what I want at the end of the day in the comfort of my own home. Wee!

So, what did I get? I got myself two boxes of coloured contacts; Colourvue 3 Tones and Colourvue Starburst. Here are some pictures of them. :) I will post up pictures of myself wearing them later because I’ve just a LASIK surgery and I can’t wear contacts at the moment. Haha. 

Made in Korea, spotted!

The contact lenses arrived with an invoice of your order and a little pamphlet containing information of the Mr Lens's website, There are many different promotions running on the websites at the moment, along with major major discounts! So pop on over for a new look, for the New Year! 

Till next time,

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