Talika Body Shaping Challenge: Zero Stretch Marks, Stage 2

For the past one or two months or so, I have been blogging about the Talika Body Shaping Challenge (you can read all the previous post on the challenge here; http://www.carmenhong.com/search/label/Talika). Do read those posts to know what the challenge was about. For the second stage, there was two products I was given to use and write about it after that. The first product of the Stage 2 was the Shaping Serum and the second product was Zero Stretch Marks. I wrote my review on the Shaping Serum, where I was amazed by the huge difference that I had not expected on my petite body.

And now, I’ll be talking about the Zero Stretch Marks, from my mom’s perspective because I had given it to her to test it out because I don’t have any stretch marks yet (lucky me, I know :3). Like the previous products, this product was tested for a period of 28 days and more. I gave her a brief explanation on how to apply the product and when she was to apply it. Before she started using the product, I decided it was best to have some pictures taken before and then, after she used the product.  

I will be showing you gals the picture, but I will warn you first that it isn’t glamorous. To be honest, there is nothing glamorous about stretch marks which is why there are tonnes of product out there to help combat these unsightly marks. This is where my sceptical self kicks in place, “the products might not always work as promised”.  Show me results, and I’ll believe what the product can do.

Not that I am bias with Talika products throughout the challenge, but hey, I have seen the results and you have seen the pictures that I posted of the results from using those products. :) So, I pretty much have faith that the Zero Stretch Marks will deliver. (Again, this depends and will vary from one person to another. What I posted here on my blog is my personal experience.)

Before I go on to the results that my mom have experienced, let me tell you what her impression on the product are. Similar to the Talika products I have tried, she said that it was very absorbent and it was easy to apply. It didn’t leave any residue or a sticky feeling after applying. She liked how light weight it felt. As for the smell, she mentioned that there wasn’t any strong or particular smell from the product, so it didn’t smell much. Haha. I have personally always loved the natural smell from Talika products. 

The pictures above are not edited using Photoshop, but is uploaded straight from the camera or in other words, SOOC (straight out of camera). All I did was to merge the two pictures together in a collage. The results from the picture above is rather obvious, you can see how in the before picture that the stretch marks were so much more prominent. In the sense that you give a closer look, you can actually see the stretch marks there. I used my 60mm macro lens, so yes, my camera managed to pick up that much detail.

And looking at the after picture, you will realise that the same stretch marks are actually much less obvious, as compared to the first picture. This was achieved after one month of applying the product twice a day and then occasionally over the next month. So, you can imagine what the effect of using this long term is. I would really expect that the stretch marks would be so much less obvious. These effects, may not be too obvious for the naked eye so it’s best to have a picture by picture comparison to notice the difference.  

When I asked my mom to shoot the after pictures, I didn’t expect to see such a difference. Indeed I’m surprised because my mom’s stretch marks have been there for quite a while but the product managed to work on her too. Now, I’m looking over my legs if I have any sign of stretch marks because well, you never know.

If you’re intrigued with what this product can do and if you’re pretty much excited to try it yourself too, guess what? I get to be Santa thanks to the awesome peeps at Talika, because I will be giving away three miniatures of the Zero Stretch Marks. 

So, what are you waiting for? :) Hurry over to my Instagram and repost the picture.Be sure to tag me and to include the hashtag, #TalikaBodyShapingChallenge.

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