Events: Malaysia International Shoe Festival 2014

It’s probably not such a huge surprise that I love shoes, I’m a girl, so technically I’m allowed to love shoes and to have more shoes than I could ever wear. :p Well, these are the perks of being a woman and I will definitely exercise that privilege. And it appears that my wishes came true (for more amazing gorgeous shoes!) because come March 2014 is the fifth installation of Malaysia International Shoe Festival.
Imagine this, there’ll be 100 brands of shoes there and over 200 booths at the Malaysia International Shoe Festival, #MISF2014. Let’s do some simple Maths; assuming each booths carries at least 10 design of shoes [200 booths x 10 designs], then there will be 2,000 types of shoes at the event!
ZOMG. Even if I walked the entire One Utama and entered every shoe shop, I probably wouldn’t even be able to get to see 500 different designs. Practically shoe heaven for any girls out there, just imagining this is already making me all excited. The event is only in March but it is never too early to get all excited. In fact, there are pre-events leading up to the Malaysia International Shoe Festival that you can participate in before the event itself.
The first event is a charity event; The Walkathon on Clog which is held in conjunction with OKU centres, whereby 30% of total collection will be donated to the OKU centres. For this walkathon, participants will be walking for a distance of 2km around Central Market. The full details of the event is as follows;
  • Date: 16th March 2014
  • Venue: Central Market
  • Time: 9.00am to 2.00pm
  • Prizes: Certificate
  • Open to all, family and children are encouraged to participate
Registration for this event can be done online via Malaysia International Shoe Festival’s Facebook Page; The deadline for registration ends on 1st March 2014.
shoe box
The second event, “Out of The Box” competition will appeal more to designers or creative peeps, because duh, it’s a designing contest. You’d probably think that you have to design shoes, but no, you have to work your brain juice a little harder because you’ll have to design a packaging for your shoes instead! It sounds easy, but I think it is harder because you would have to be more creative to wow.
I don’t have the mechanics of the competition so for more details hop over to the Facebook page at I do know what the prizes are … 
  • 1st Winner: Cash Prize RM1,000.00 + RM300.00 Shoe Vouchers + Trophy + Certificate
  • 2nd Winner: Cash Prize RM800.00 + RM200.00 Shoe Voucher + Trophy + Certificate
  • 3rd Winner: Cash Prize RM500.00 + RM100.00 Shoe Voucher + Trophy + Certificate
  • Consolation Prizes x 3: RM200.00 Shoe Voucher + Certificate + Trophy
The first prize is rather tempting, maybe I should participate too! I would probably design a super minimalist one though. And that is all the pre-events before the actual festival takes place. Like I mention before the MISF event will only take place in March 2014, which is about two months away. You may think it’s a long time, but there is never a better opportunity than now to block the following dates off so that you attend the festival. :)
* * * * * * * * * *
| Malaysia International Shoe Festival, #MISF2014 |
// 27th March 2014 (Trade) 10.30am to 6.30pm //
// 28th March 2014 (Trade & Public) 10.30am to 8.30pm //
// 29th- 30th March 2014 (Public) 10.30am to 8.30pm //
// Hall 2, PWTC //
* * * * * * * * * *
Admission is free and trust me and there is no better way to fuel that shoeholic addiction than going for this. I’ll be going there for sure, anyone wants to go with me? :)


  1. I better not come with you, although I do love Malaysia, also for the great shopping (yes! I do like shopping). But when it comes to shoes, the horror (to me) is unspeakable, monstrous, apocalyptic even. I mean we need shoes, and I'm the practical type so I buy sturdy shoes that are not too expensive, and I tend to ignore fashion fads.

    Women, on the other hand, are capable to comparing 344,512 pairs in one easy sitting, and then, at the very point of me about to commit suicide, but the very first pair. I know, because I am married to a wonderful, gorgeous, intelligent and equally shoeaholic Asian lady. So for me - no shoe shopping, come wind or high water. I refuse! :-)

    Nevertheless I wish you great choice, fantastic prices and wonderful designs in your upcoming shoe shopping ;-)
    Do treat us with some nice pictures of it, if you can?


    1. Hi Andre,

      Haha, I have to completely agree with what you have to say. Well, we were born to love shoes! Why else is the purpose of our feet if not to adorn with tonnes of lovely shoes. :)Thank you for your kind wishes, I do hope there'll be plenty for me to shoot and great bargains for me at the event.