Nail Art: Chinese New Year nails!

What is Chinese New Year without loads of Mandarin oranges? Once you see these oranges, it can only mean that the Chinese New Year was around the corner. :) So, I thought it would have been appropriate to pose my nail with a Mandarin orange. Haha.


As with Chinese New Year, the most common colours would definitely be red and of course, gold. This nail art was a rather simple one to do. Only took me about 30 minutes, max. The polishes I used were Nature's Republic RD501, a rather deep almost burgundy red and gold glitter polish from The Face Shop. (I have done a swatch for that polish, but I have yet to post that up.)


This manicure is pretty much a two steps process; paint the base colour and then paint the tip of the nails with some gold glitter polish. It’d be best to only take little glitter and apply them carefully at the tip.


Glitter tips are the more common nail arts, but there are also reverse glitter manicures as well. Like the one I did for the nail on my thumb. I actually wanted to do the reverse glitter mani for my nails, but my mom liked the one painted at the tip. So I decided to do the glitter tip instead. Haha.


So which would you prefer? The glitter tips, or the reverse glitter? :)

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