Snaps: Olympus Malaysia’s First Street Walkabout in Pudu

Trust me to blog about things that happened more than one month ago, because I can damn well procrastinate.
About one month ago, Olympus Malaysia organized their first ever street walkabout which was lead by none other than Robin Wong. If you know or heard of Robin, then you would know how amazing and awesome his street shots are. In fact, it was only because I tagged along with his earlier street walks that I begun to enjoy street photography. Previously, I didn’t understand how to take and find subjects on the street to photograph. It still doesn’t come too naturally for me yet, but I’m getting there slowly. You can check out my other street pictures here; Street Photography.

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We started things off by walking from Pudu Plaza (the meeting point) through the streets of Pudu and then, the Pudu wet market and back again to Pudu Plaza. The pictures in the set below won't be in the order taken but rather grouped together with a common theme. 

The pictures above are taken from the wet market. I was using the Olympus M.Zuiko 60mm, and solely with just that throughout the walkabout. At 60mm, the space was a rather tight one especially in the wet market. In case you're wondering, it is equivalent to 120mm (in 35mm format). I could have switched lens to the kit lens, but I didn't want to risk changing lens in a wet market and I'm pretty much hooked on using primes to shoot. 

These are portraits of strangers whom I took throughout the walk. I still haven't quite found the courage to walk up to them and ask for a picture. Sometimes, these friendly strangers will smile at the camera once they see with it. :)

These are some of the other random pictures from the walk. These caught my eye and I couldn't resist a picture. 

Last but least, a straight on picture of doors and walls. These are always my favorite type of picture. 

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Pictures from this set is shot with the Olympus EPL5 and Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 60mm f/2.8 in RAW format, post-processed using Adobe Lightroom.

You can check out pictures that Robin have taken from the same shoot, which he posted on the day itself because he is that efficient. Haha.

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