Eat: COSANS Coffee, SS15

I have always liked the thought of spending time in a cosy cafe, with a book in hand if I’m alone or with friends; conversations over coffee and cakes. In reality though, that rarely happens. As with life, it’s easier to get lost with daily things to the point that you just don’t make time anymore. 

I actually don’t remember the last time I was in a cafe, enjoying a leisure drink with a catch up session with my friends. It was probably more than months ago. So, when a friend of mine, Jessica asked if I would like to attend a special event at a cafe, I immediately agreed. What I didn’t know what that the cafe actually specialises in coffee making, something that I have yet to acquire a taste for. I wouldn’t say I hate coffee, but rather I don’t know how to appreciate it. The ones I had before were bitter, and one packet of sugar is not enough but two packets is too much. I didn’t know the how and the what to drinking coffee. At COSANS Coffee, they had their master coffee specialist brew us some coffee as he explains the methods of brewing coffee; aero press and pour over (pictured above).

So much goes into brewing the coffee, because only the right method can bring us the best flavours of the coffee. Even the type of beans used, and the grinding method of the beans play an important role. It was a short sharing session, but it pretty much sounded like rocket science to me. The sips of coffee I had though was pretty much unique, and it was something I never quite tasted before. I didn’t know coffee could taste like that. First, sour and then with a bitter sweet lingering after taste. This I believe was something I would drink. I didn’t like coffee before because bitter was all I tasted.

Caramel Frappe | RM14

So, while coffee is somewhat alien to me, I love frappe with a passion. And I only take my frappe with whipped cream, thank you very much. I don’t frequent cafes that often but the ones I head to, besides Starbucks don’t serve caramel frappe. It was a pleasant surprise that they have Caramel Frappe here. To put it simply, I love this version more than Starbucks because the coffee wasn’t too overwhelming bitter. But it could definitely use a more generous serving of caramel and whipped cream. And now, here are some of the other drinks that the bloggers had too.

* * * * * * * * * *

Oreo Milkshake | RM12 regular

Hazelnut Latte | RM11 regular

COSANs Mocha | RM12 regular

French Vanilla Latte | RM11 regular

Asianese Roasted Chicken | RM12

Smoked Duckling | RM15

* * * * * * * * * *

Overall, I really loved the cosy setting of the place. There was something about the coffee that I liked but can’t describe much, because as you know I am no coffee expert at all. Come to think of it, I would love to learn more about coffee. In terms of how to tell a good coffee and what makes it good. Any coffee specialist wants to ‘date’ me out? If you’re a cute barista, that’ll be a plus point too. Haha. And, come to think of it, I am still waiting for COSANs to make specialized a coffee drink after me, since I won their grand prize that night. But the call never came.

Maybe, they secretly found out that I don’t take coffee and my tolerance to coffee is just two shot of espresso before my head feels like a helium balloon. Oh, wells. What I enjoy most on that night was the company of bloggers. I met the sweetest, most amazing bunch of bloggers that night and I do hope to see them again. 

Here’s a portrait of Emily.

Till next time,


  1. Oh nooo, they haven't contact you yet? Hopefully they will soon, once they done your signature coffee, we go and have a try k? <3

    1. Aw. babe they haven't. Although I am starting to think they won't ever, but it's okay lol. Maybe they actually found out that this girl doesn't drink coffee!

  2. Love your shots! :D Btw I think you gotta make the initiative to contact them and make your own signature drink! :P btw you took so many pictures but post so few! :P

    1. Haha, thanks babe! Mhmm, probably will drop them a message on Facebook then. :)

      Cause I'm still learning how to shoot, so I always take a lot of pictures with different angles and then picking the best of what I shot. :D