Meet my “Mah Li” plush toys!

Gong Hei Fatt Choy! How is everyone feeling this Chinese New Year? I’ve been pretty much busy with the usual festivities, coupled with dinners after dinners and house visiting of the relatives. This year around, it has been a rather busy affair but it was fun nevertheless. This Chinese New Year though was different than the rest, thanks to two new plush toys! :)

Now, what’s so special about these plush toys? If you had Astro or you visited Tesco, you would have seen my celebrity-like plush toys. They are the cute little white horses called the Astro Special Mah Li plush toys!

These plush toys were launched in conjunction with Tesco “Ong Mali” Chinese New Year campaign. A short brief on the campaign; it was developed to highlight Tesco’s key product offers, specials and rewards for Chinese New Year. On top of that, the hypermarket has committed to help the underprivileged during the festive season under this campaign. For more information and latest promotions from the “Ong Mali” campaign, please head on to

There are only about 7,000 sets of these plush horses and they are only available till February 14, which is the last day of Chinese New Year! That day also happens to be Valentine’s Day, so if I were you (a guy, ahem! but girls can get it for the significant others as well) I would go grab one set and give it to my loved ones. It’s super adorable and guarantee to get an “awww” reaction from them. I know I did just that when I saw it and hugged it.

You can the soft toys at all leading Tesco hypermarkets at only RM29.88, so do get one while stocks last! I already have a pair and I secretly think that they are unicorns in disguise, because they have a eensy-weensy horn and a cute tail. ;) 

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    1. Aww, thanks babe! And thank you for passing my name along, see you soon. xx

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    1. Yeap it's super cute! :) Haha, go go before it's sold out.