Eat: Frenz, Plaza Damas

If you’re familiar with Plaza Damas, you would probably know that the place has office blocks there and it’s right next to Hartamas Shopping Centre. I didn’t know of either until I was there recently. Even though, there are plenty of office blocks there, the ground floor are mostly occupied by restaurants and cafes. Some of these cafes are open on weekend too, and one of them was Frenz. 

On a first look, you can tell that the place was a simple, no frills cafe. The deco was simple and nice, a place that I found to be rather cosy. They have seats inside and an al fresco dining just right outside the cafe.

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 | Curry Fish Head |

We kicked things off for the night with Curry Fish Head, which was served on a huge rectangular plate, laden with vegetables. You’ll find at least five different vegetables here. The gravy here looks a bit watery, only because it is cooked with milk instead of santan. This is suitable for health conscious eaters, who are worried about the cholesterol from eating curries. The fish used is a very fresh garoupa, and to maintain the freshness, the fish is bought and cooked on the same day. So, the availability of this dish depends on the number of fish heads the cafe manages to buy for the day. Come early and you won’t be disappointed!

 | Nyonya Chicken |

This dish arrived looking very much less photogenic, but it was laden with spices with a smell so heavenly. And my first bite was practically food-gasm because I have never tasted Nyonya Chicken this good. The thick gravy stuck on to the chicken and you’ll be pleasant overwhelmed with the taste of the spices (although I can’t pinpoint exactly what spices was used and chef didn’t disclose, because it’s a secret recipe). All I know and can say is that this was really good, and one of the best chicken dishes I have ever tasted in my life!

Salted Egg Chicken |

I have tried this dish in different variations before, my favourite being crabs and the followed by prawns. The ones in Frenz is a chicken version, and with the previous Nyonya Chicken, I set my expectations higher for this dish. While it didn’t completely disappoint, it was wasn’t mind-blowing either. The salted egg part of the dish was great, but the chicken wasn’t well marinated as well as I would have prefer it.

Hong Kong Kailan with Beef |

A rather simple dish, cooked right. :) I cannot imagine anyone who cannot cook this right, and Frenz managed to keep it simple and nice. This was cooked with a very home-y style. Actually most of the dishes felt like home cooked food and comfort food too!

Steamed Brinjal |

When this arrived, I couldn’t tell that it was steamed brinjal! It was so beautiful presented like a flower, and gloriously garnished with dried shrimps. And can you imagine that this simple dish was absolutely delicious. It had the kind of sweetness in simplicity taste. This is another must try!

Ginger Fried Rice |

This dish is called Ginger Fried Rice, but it tasted nothing like what you’d expect ginger fried with rice to taste like. There were mild hints of ginger in the rice, and it was something you take one spoon and then another and you just can’t stop. I never liked ginger, but I found myself eating this and enjoying it too. As it turns out, this was actually a family recipe!

All in all, Frenz is one of those cosy places where you can find comfort food, home-cooked styled with an affordable price tag. The prices are not published in this post because revisions are made to the prices at the moment. Do note that no pork is served in the cafe.

// Frenz //
G-0-1, Plaza Damas, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas
012-7196813 / 012-5286832
Apologies if you couldn't get through the phone earlier, I found out that the phone number has changed. These two are the latest ones.

Monday to Friday (11am to 3pm & 6pm to 10.30pm)
Saturday (11am to 4pm & 6pm to 10.30pm)
Closed on Sunday   

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  3. yum yum! serving all the local food! im so hungry now!