Review: Meet the personally customized, VanityTrove Box!

I remember some time ago, (probably a couple years back) when I was reading blogs of beauty bloggers in United States and Singapore, I saw that there they had these really cool thing called beauty boxes! In it, they have all kinds of beauty goodies like make up products, skin care and nail polish too! I also remember feeling rather envious because we didn’t have that in Malaysia (along with 1,000,000 other things we can’t find here.)

Next thing I know was BOOM! Because suddenly there were so many beauty boxes around, and available for subscription right here in Malaysia. Boy, was that a dream come true. There were so many choices of which company you can subscribe to, with each of them offering a special something that others can’t. Some has full sized products along with samples, some has better packaging and some comes in nice beauty bags.

One thing that’s common with all the beauty boxes is that it’s a surprise every month, because you don’t really know what you’ll be getting inside the boxes. I have subscribed to a few boxes before, and in the beginning, I found joy in the surprise element. The not-knowing-what-is-inside and the I-might-totally-find-the-products/brand-I-love-in-the-box!

But, after my third beauty box, I didn’t feel the same anymore. I have samples and products from earlier two boxes which I haven’t used yet; because I have a strict regime with my skin and I rarely deviate from it. Other times, I feel like I’m getting products samples which I don’t need. So, I was pretty much in a fix then and I decided I wasn’t going to subscribe to anymore until I finished what I had first.

Well, that was until I found out about the VanityTrove Box. I have heard of Vanity Trove, there were one of the first few companies to offer the beauty boxes. But what’s unique about it this time around is that, they introduced a personalized VanityTrove Box. Personalised because first, you get to pick the products yourself and second, because the products you can pick from are customized just for you!

What happens is that before you purchase a VanityTrove Box for the first time, you’ll have to complete your beauty profile (a total of 14  comprehensive questions) according to the yourself; skin type, skin tone, colour of eyes, type of eyebrows, eyelashes …. Basically, your whole beauty profile. It’s important to complete it as accurately as possible since the products available will be selected based on your beauty profile.

Here’s the first question of the beauty profiling, and if you unsure of the which is your type, you can mouse over the information icon which will explains further regarding each skin type and you can then choose the one that best describe yours. After you have completed your beauty profile, you’ll then be able to pick the products you’ll like to have in your box.

This is how the VanityTrove Box; Customize it! page looks like, there are plenty of products to pick from and the best part is that they are customized specially for you based on the profile you have entered into the site. The fun actually doesn’t end here, because there are new products being added in and you’ll get updates when that happens. So, for your second order, you’ll be able to try an array of other products as well.
* * * * * * * * * *

So, do you want to have a look at what I picked for my first customized VanityTrove Box | RM50.00?

If anything, I love the new VanityTrove boxes! They kept the same box but with a very very classy design now. When I first opened my delivered package (they use TA-Q-BIN, a premium delivery courier company which handles packages better than other companies, IMHO), I just fell madly in love with the box. Yes, they have drawer-like box, how can you not mad love it. By the way, the price of RM50.00 includes delivery as well. My box was delivered within one week after I placed my order. :)

And, ta-da! Here is my box, I have 7 items in my box instead of 6 because VanityTrove is awesome like that. Turns out, the 7th item is a bonus item and it’s something I have always wanted to try; the Schwarzkopf Bonacure Oil Miracle Shampoo.

And here’s a close up picture of what I picked for my box.

* * * * * * * * * *

I have never been so happy to receive a beauty box, especially one that I know is specially customized for me. The best part is really being able to pick my own products because at the end of the day, no one knows myself better than myself. By being able to pick these products, I can finally try these products before committing to them and including them in my daily regime.

Since it’s only sample size, if I don’t like it I won’t end up wasting the product. (Like the 1,000ml shampoo and conditioner I used three times, before discovering that it makes my hair frizzy. I spend RM200 on those, :/ ) This way, you can really sample the products, to know if it is good/suitable for you before buying it.

You can get the customized VanityTrove Box from, just create an account and then head over to! You’re on way to falling in love with your customized VanityTrove Box!

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  1. Heard of this before but the way you elaborated in your post sound so interesting that really makes me wanted to try. Thanks, Carmen.

    1. Hello JL! Do give it a try, you get to pick your own samples which I find it convenient. :)