Snaps: Breakfast at Imbi Market

Hello! Before you go on thinking that this is a food post, it actually isn’t.

Just needed to let that off my chest, because there is an expectation that comes along with being a food blogger, which I don’t call myself that. Yes, granted that most of my contents are food related but I can’t call myself a food blogger. Friends start looking at me for suggestions on where to go and I just feel this intense pressure of recommending places that they may not like. I just really really enjoy shooting food, I find them rather photogenic. So, I’m just a blogger, uhmm kays?

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A couple of weeks ago, I was in Imbi Market for breakfast with some of the guys I usually shoot with. Except for that weekend, we were finally doing ‘normal’ things friends do. I’d say normal because from every single time we meet, we’d be shooting on the streets followed by a quick meal. And that’s it, we never quite sat down just to chat and catch up. That’s when I suggested to them; to do breakfast, sit down and just chat. Haha.

We ended up in Imbi Market because I came across a post by TimeOutKL about how amazing this market was, and when I Googled it up, there were so many posts by real, food bloggers about it! So, we decided to head there and the best part was Jackie brought his friend along who knew the uncle who sells the famous Hainam coffee and we got VIP seat. I am not even kidding, because the table has a VIP sign on it.

I didn’t take a picture of that, but me being myself, I took pictures of everything we had that morning. :) I didn’t use my usual lenses, instead I used a completely manual CCTV lens; it’s called the Wesley 24mm f1.4 CCTV lens. Since my camera doesn’t have focus peaking, I borrowed Jackie’s EM-1 to shoot with this lens. The pictures won’t be as sharp as my usual photos, but with a lens that only cost about RM100 plus, I am not complaining.

* * * * * * * * * *

| Hainam Coffee |

| Innards Noodles |

| Crispy Popiah |

| Apam |

| Egg Tarts |

| Ginger + Egg + Rice Wine Noodles |

| Dried Noodles |

| Wan Tan Mee |

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