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If you have been reading my blog for a while more, you probably realise that I don’t talk much about what I do at work. But if there is one thing I can tell you about what I do is that we do work rather late with pretty long hours. Most of the times, the deadlines are tight and we would rarely head out for dinner. That would also explain why we have a budget for snacks, where we stock up on tonnes of biscuits, instant noodles and more junk food that we could ever have.

In the beginning, I loved the idea of having ‘junk’ food for dinner. Needless to say, after a while I got tired of food that really shouldn’t be eaten as dinner. At that point, there really isn’t much option left; we could starve but obviously we would not be so productive then. That is when one of my colleague came up with a brilliant idea, we could actually order our food online from and have it delivered to us!

Here's a comic done by Chee Ching, just to show you how easy it really is to order from

Do note that after you have ordered, there would be an e-mail or text message confirmation sent to you. And that’s it! It’s really that simple and almost hassle-free I would say. Of course, there are a couple of other steps in between like filling in your details (address, mobile no and etc.) in between, but those are pretty normal stuff that you have to fill in when buying anything online. To be honest, I am quite fond of the option to pay via COD because there is less hassle compared to making payments online. However, if you’re ordering for a larger group, it would make more sense to just pay online.

If you think ordering from the website is also troublesome, well guess what? They have app for iPhone and Android users as well. Check it out here: The steps to ordering the food are just as simple on the app as well! If you don’t believe me, you can give it a try! The best part is the awesome peeps at has decided to give me some vouchers for my readers. :) So if you have always wanted to try, there is never a better chance than to do it now. :)

I have 5 x RM10 vouchers to give out to my readers! If you want to win them, it's super easy peasy. All you have to do is;
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Event: The Butterfly Project 1st Anniversary at Laser Warzone, e@Curve

Hola, girls! These days I blog much lesser than I want to, only because there is just so much going on at the moment. I won’t go into details about that, but these things have been draining my energy lately and I just want to sleep in all day everyday. It’s a really awful time to be me at the moment, but anyway, a few weeks ago, I decided to attend the The Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers’s First Anniversary! We celebrated the anniversary in style and sweat after playing Laser Tag in Laser Warzone, e@Curve branch.

For most of the girls, it was their first time playing laser tag but I have played it probably about 10 times or so. But I must say, that I’m absolutely horrible in it. Every single time I played the game, I end up being the last on the team or being on the losing end. Which really sucks, and it was probably because I was always afraid of being hit which meant I would rather hide and not get hit. Obviously I didn’t shoot other opponents as well. Haha!

This time around, I decided I wasn’t going to do that. I was actually going to go all out, shoot and and get hit, gloriously. I did all of that, in fact I got so enthusiastic about the games that I ended up falling flat on the floor in front of team mates and suffered a gigantic bruise on my knee and a couple bruises on my hand as well. No pictures, because they are icky disgusting and I can’t even stand looking at it myself. Well, the best part of the day was our team, Team Athena, won the second prize beating two other teams.  

By the way, you can find the pricelist of the games in Laser Warzone in the picture below. Personally, I am already planning to return here again to terrorize and conquer the game, so I’m eyeing on the RM55 unlimited ‘student’  price. I have asked them about it and you really can play an unlimited amount of times. There is a minimum number of persons in the room before you can play, and that is four persons. Go gather up your group, and head on over! You can even play with strangers and beat them too. :p

Overall, I really didn’t expect it to be so exhausting till my legs felt like jelly after four rounds. But it was superbly fun to be able to play the games with all the girls, or as we call them in The Butterfly Project, “butterflies!”. Once again, I’d like to wish The Butterfly Project a mega huge gigantic “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and I do forward to participating more projects with these awesome “butterflies”. I’ll end this post with a picture of some of the girls I met on that day, with me wearing a silly expression, as always. 

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Eat: Goku Raku Ramen, Mid Valley Megamall

I have always loved ramen, but the thing was I never made it a point to hunt for the best ramen in town. In fact, in my lifetime I have only ate ramen four times, excluding the ones I had from Goku Raku Ramen. The first time I had it was in Pavilion, second and third was at the famed Menya Musashi in One Utama. Apparently, the ones in Menya are great according to many, and I, myself personally found them rather tasty and delicious. So, I would use them as a benchmark for the ramen I had this round in Goku Raku Ramen, located on the North Court of Mid Valley Megamall.

Shanghai Fried Ramen | RM13.90

We kicked things off with the Shanghai Fried Ramen which was what I imagine to be a Japanese glorified version of our Malaysian’s ‘mee mamak’. It was served on a hot plate which helped to keep the noodles warm and tasty for a while longer. As you can see, ramen was stirred fried with vegetables and minced meat. In terms of flavour, it was never short of that, although you’ll need to toss it again to get the sauce evenly across the noodles. I am a proud carnivore, which is why I felt the minced meat in the Shanghai Fried Ramen was ridiculously portioned. I couldn’t even taste much of the meat. Also, point to note is that the noodles are served with pickled ginger (the pinkish stuff pictured above) which is best to be eaten together with the noodles to give it that “zangy” kick. 

Ebi Gyoza | RM10.90

Ebi” as the name suggests is prawns/shrimps in Japanese. Now, I’m all too familiar with meat dumplings and I am a huge fan of them. Prawns dumplings here reminds me of the Chinese’s har kau. I do realise that I keep making reference to other cuisines, only because that is what I sub-consciously associate them with. I welcomed the prawn dumplings with open heart and mouth too, only to be mildly disappointed with the taste. There was less than a handful of prawn fillings and the skin was thicker than what I would have loved. This was served ala Shangai style together with ginger, soy sauce and another salt-like dipping powder. (The chef mentioned what it was, but I can’t recall it now)

GRR Meatballs | RM5 5pcs, RM9 10pcs, RM17 20pcs

When the meatballs were served, I never thought I would seen them presented so rather gloriously. It is as though the meatballs have a spotlight on them and it just begs to be eaten. I mean, just look at that! So back to the taste of the meatballs, I had one bite into and ohmmm, I love the sauce used in the meatballs. It was a tangy sweet sour sauce, and meatballs were crusty on the outside, but soft on the inside. But but, I didn’t like the texture of the meatballs. It was far too soft for my liking. When asked, the chef mentioned that it was the intention to make them softer rather than meaty. So, each to its own. ;)

5 Star Aburi Char Siew Ramen | RM25.90 Regular

In all honestly, I never realised those pork slices in the ramen were actually called ‘char siew’ and I never actually fallen in love with those pork slices in my ramen until I had the ones from Goku Raku Ramen. I remember these pork slices in the first few ones I had, they were tasty but they never quite leave such an impression on me. The first bite of the Aburi Char Siew I had was pure love, in the few seconds after that, I decided it was the best I have ever had, compared all the types of ‘char siew’ I have ever had in my life. IT IS THAT AMAZING. 

5 Star Aburi Char Siew Ramen | RM25.90 Regular

This ramen was given the 5 Star name because it was tad heavier in terms of taste as compared to the usual ‘tonkatsu’ broth used. Albeit it was heavier in taste, and was recommended for those who are more adventurous, I found myself liking the broth a lot and I loved how it complemented the ramen and the loads of bean sprouts and bamboo shoots. One thing to note was that their egg, wasn’t done as perfectly soft-core. That aside, this was one of the best ramen I ever tasted in a while.

Last but not least, we ended things with a bang, by attempting to finish a Chef’s Specialty Course Meal; Set C. In the set, there are 13 items all together and they are as follows;

1.   Edamame
2.   Aburi Char Siew
3.   Chef Recommended Salad
4.   Pork Loin Rei Shabu
5.   Tori Momo Karaage
6.   Crispy Shrimp Mayo
7.   Siew Mai
8.   Ebi Chili
9.   Sweet & Sour Pork
10. Utsonomiya Sui Gyoza
11. Garlic Fried Rice/Mini Ramen
12. Annin Tofu Dessert
13. Sesame Balls

I didn’t managed to get a picture of all the dishes served, because I was using a prime lens of fixed focal length. I had my kit lens with me but even with the wide angle, I couldn’t shoot a pretty picture of all the food, so I thought I’d use the picture provided just for illustration purposes. I did shoot the food individually, not all of it. So, you can actually compare both the pictures, between the actual and the studio shot one. :p

 Crispy Shrimp Mayo | One serving

Aburi Char Siew  One serving

Utsonomiya Sui Gyoza  One serving

Tori Momo Karaage One serving

Pork Loin Rei Shabu  One serving

Mini Ramen (Tokyo soup flavour)  Three servings

For the Chef’s Specialty Course Meal : Set C, it is one serving for most of the dishes in the set course meal above except for Mini Ramen, Annin Tofu Dessert and Sesame Ball, whereby the servings are for three persons. The course meal is recommended for three to four persons, but I reckon you can feed five persons too if you and your eating partners have smaller appetite.

All in all, I found my experience dining in Goku Raku Ramen a pleasant one, coupled with a few nice surprises. I certainly hadn’t expected the ramen here to be so delicious. Especially since I never heard of Goku Raku Ramen before this, and in all honesty, people need to give this place a try! Best of all is that the head chef hails from the famous ramen town in Japan, so the recipe is an authentic Japanese recipe.

If you’re planning to give this place a try, I have got a special discount vouchers for my readers only! :) :) I have a 50% discount voucher for GRR Meatballs! All you need to do is print the vouchers and present it before making payment! 

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Event: Malaysia’s Largest Clothes Buffet, 2014 Edition – The Aftermath!

Hola, peeps! About a week ago, I was posted about the Clothes’ Buffet held at Syopz Mall and I did share just how excited I was to finally be able to attend the event! I have been wanting to attend the buffet years ago when it first started and I finally had the chance this year. I did wanted to blog earlier, immediately after it so that I can share my experience with you, for those who are planning to go there. But oh wells, I didn’t have the time too. So, I did to do a post event entry on the Clothes’ Buffet instead. 

So, here’s a picture of myself (looking rather pale and sickly) and in my defence I was rather sick. That is the bag stuffed with 8 items that I managed to stuff into the zip-lock bag. I managed to get three tops, four dresses and one jacket. I have always been more of the dresses kind of girl anyway. :)

These were the girls at the start of the line. Basically, the girls queued behind the starting line with their transparent bags and wait for the cue from the emcee. Once the emcee says “GO!”, the timer starts and you have 15 minutes to stuff your bag silly. Just don’t break the bag or else there will be a RM20 penalty!

I don’t why there was suddenly a cute looking guy in suit and tie amongst the girls, but I figured he was helping his girlfriend or one of his girl friends. Haha, it was still an adorable sight. Anyways, the clothes are pretty much piled up just like in the pictures and it reminded me of those warehouse sales type. I am not sure though how it was done previously in other editions of the Clothes’ Buffet.

Personally, I found the experience of shopping under 15 minutes extremely fun. Because I do have to decide immediately whether I like the pieces enough to bring them back with me. But that is nothing new to me, when I shop alone (usually that’s when I’m most productive), I scan through clothes in a shop really quickly and I keep moving on until I know what I want or which I have fallen in love. I do stick to a certain styles so it’s not that hard to know what I like and don’t. I am sure you’re interested to know what I have gotten from the buffet, so I took pictures of them all except one top which was mistake. I look horrible in that, so I won’t show that. 

* * * * * * * * * *

And that's all from the Clothes' Buffet! Which of the six pieces did you like the most? I think I love the food prints jacket, which so explains me anyway. So, how was your Clothes' Buffet experience if you went? And if you didn't would you attend the next year's one? :)

Till next time,

Eat: Pepper Lunch, Pavilion

Pepper Lunch has been around for a little while now and I have personally tried them out a number of times before this. As always, I found it intriguing to be able to ‘play’ with my food and to play pretend to cook my food. I know I could alternatively actually head into a kitchen and cook, but hey, I’m allergic to the kitchen. So, the best you’ll get of me is me cooking my Pepper Lunch meal. :)

This time around I was invited to Pepper Lunch in Pavilion to sample some of their signature dishes. Some of the dishes served to us on that day was without the rice in them although in the menu it is served with rice. Do keep that in mind. After sampling the dishes, we were invited to select our own dish that we would like to try. So, there would be some dishes below without my comments because to be fair, I didn’t try them. 

Salmon & Chicken (Combo) served with rice | RM28.90

Here we have a combo of chicken and salmon along with the signature vegetables sides of beansprouts, sweet corns and French beans. All the dishes would come served with those three types of vegetables. As it is a combo, hence the serving of chicken and salmon is smaller. The salmon is thinly sliced, maybe a tad too thin but that could be to make it easier to cook it. The chicken was pepperfully wonderful, in a good way.

Burger Steak & Beef Yakiniku (Combo) served with rice | RM21.90

This was another combo served and this time, it was beef and the burger steak. Well, I love beef and I love this too. It didn’t leave much impression on me for the beef but for the burger steak, it reminded me of IKEA meatballs. I mean the texture was almost somewhat similar but it was still okay. I mean who doesn’t love IKEA meatballs right?

Before I move on to talk about the rest of the food, I would like to share a special promotion that will be running throughout the month of May 2014 for the two combo meals (pictured above) and another combo; Chicken Steak & Beef Yakiniku at a further discounted price! The best part is that you get to have your favourite Nestea drink and it comes with a fancy Nestea tumbler as well. 

The moment I heard of this promotion I decided that I was going to Pepper Lunch again just to have the Burger Steak & Beef Yakiniku, at a cheaper price with a free tumbler. :D I had a glimpse of the tumbler already and that is pretty much one of the main reason why I'm planning another visit (besides getting another taste of the awesome beef and burger steak! So the offer is only valid throughout May 2014 and available at two outlets; Pavilion and Sunway Pyramid.  

Pepper Steak served with rice | RM29.90

This was my own personal order, I wanted to try something from their Premium Steak range. As you can see the slab of steak was completely raw when the dish was served, you can see the pinkish hue at the side of the steak. The cream like stuff on the steak is actually butter; to cook it you spread butter over the steak and flip it over. Cook it for as long as you like your steak; if you want it well done, you can leave it on the sizzling plate longer. If you want it medium rare, then cook it till it is that and then place it over the vegetable to prevent the steak from cooking further.

Pepper Steak served with rice | RM29.90

Here I placed it over the vegetables, so that my steak won’t cook any further and this was trick I learned from this review session. I was told that the plate can hold the heat for as long as 20 mins, that is why the trick would be useful if you don’t want to over-cook the steak. Personally, the steak was lovely and it was tender, yet flavourful. I loved eating the steak with the garlic sauce and cooking my rice on the plate as well.

Rib Eye Steak served with rice | RM36.80

Rib Eye Steak served with rice | RM36.80

I stole a couple bites of the Rib Eye Steak and immediately wished I ordered this instead. Yeap, it was that good. The best way to eat is medium rare, oh-so-good and such a surprise. I really hadn’t expected it to be this good but it is. If you usually like rib eye steaks, this would be a must try. I'll end this post with a few more pictures of the other items from the menu, such as Teriyaki Chicken and Japanese Curry. 

Teriyaki Chicken with Egg served with rice | RM21.80

Japanese Curry Rice with Double Burger Steak RM23.80

Japanese Curry Rice with Double Burger Steak RM23.80

Till next time,