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Pepper Lunch has been around for a little while now and I have personally tried them out a number of times before this. As always, I found it intriguing to be able to ‘play’ with my food and to play pretend to cook my food. I know I could alternatively actually head into a kitchen and cook, but hey, I’m allergic to the kitchen. So, the best you’ll get of me is me cooking my Pepper Lunch meal. :)

This time around I was invited to Pepper Lunch in Pavilion to sample some of their signature dishes. Some of the dishes served to us on that day was without the rice in them although in the menu it is served with rice. Do keep that in mind. After sampling the dishes, we were invited to select our own dish that we would like to try. So, there would be some dishes below without my comments because to be fair, I didn’t try them. 

Salmon & Chicken (Combo) served with rice | RM28.90

Here we have a combo of chicken and salmon along with the signature vegetables sides of beansprouts, sweet corns and French beans. All the dishes would come served with those three types of vegetables. As it is a combo, hence the serving of chicken and salmon is smaller. The salmon is thinly sliced, maybe a tad too thin but that could be to make it easier to cook it. The chicken was pepperfully wonderful, in a good way.

Burger Steak & Beef Yakiniku (Combo) served with rice | RM21.90

This was another combo served and this time, it was beef and the burger steak. Well, I love beef and I love this too. It didn’t leave much impression on me for the beef but for the burger steak, it reminded me of IKEA meatballs. I mean the texture was almost somewhat similar but it was still okay. I mean who doesn’t love IKEA meatballs right?

Before I move on to talk about the rest of the food, I would like to share a special promotion that will be running throughout the month of May 2014 for the two combo meals (pictured above) and another combo; Chicken Steak & Beef Yakiniku at a further discounted price! The best part is that you get to have your favourite Nestea drink and it comes with a fancy Nestea tumbler as well. 

The moment I heard of this promotion I decided that I was going to Pepper Lunch again just to have the Burger Steak & Beef Yakiniku, at a cheaper price with a free tumbler. :D I had a glimpse of the tumbler already and that is pretty much one of the main reason why I'm planning another visit (besides getting another taste of the awesome beef and burger steak! So the offer is only valid throughout May 2014 and available at two outlets; Pavilion and Sunway Pyramid.  

Pepper Steak served with rice | RM29.90

This was my own personal order, I wanted to try something from their Premium Steak range. As you can see the slab of steak was completely raw when the dish was served, you can see the pinkish hue at the side of the steak. The cream like stuff on the steak is actually butter; to cook it you spread butter over the steak and flip it over. Cook it for as long as you like your steak; if you want it well done, you can leave it on the sizzling plate longer. If you want it medium rare, then cook it till it is that and then place it over the vegetable to prevent the steak from cooking further.

Pepper Steak served with rice | RM29.90

Here I placed it over the vegetables, so that my steak won’t cook any further and this was trick I learned from this review session. I was told that the plate can hold the heat for as long as 20 mins, that is why the trick would be useful if you don’t want to over-cook the steak. Personally, the steak was lovely and it was tender, yet flavourful. I loved eating the steak with the garlic sauce and cooking my rice on the plate as well.

Rib Eye Steak served with rice | RM36.80

Rib Eye Steak served with rice | RM36.80

I stole a couple bites of the Rib Eye Steak and immediately wished I ordered this instead. Yeap, it was that good. The best way to eat is medium rare, oh-so-good and such a surprise. I really hadn’t expected it to be this good but it is. If you usually like rib eye steaks, this would be a must try. I'll end this post with a few more pictures of the other items from the menu, such as Teriyaki Chicken and Japanese Curry. 

Teriyaki Chicken with Egg served with rice | RM21.80

Japanese Curry Rice with Double Burger Steak RM23.80

Japanese Curry Rice with Double Burger Steak RM23.80

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