Fashion: Looks I love, the jackets edition!

So, here’s the thing. If you haven’t met me before and you’ve just been reading my blog, you would think that I’m probably only ever is interested in food. Which is completely true. But then again, there is something else that I absolutely passionate about (besides, photography) and it is fashion. Surprise much?I do realise I don’t talk much about fashion here but I’ve been working on a project on fashion and looks. I’m hoping to publish that series soon!

Anyway, I thought it’ll be nice to be blog a little more about fashion. Before this blog become mainly food, I used to post inspirations or looks that I absolutely love over here. Since it’s been a while that I posted those, I thought I would take a break from blogging about food and talk about some looks I love; jackets in particular!

If you ever needed inspiration on what to wear and how to wear anything, is the place to be. There’s always Pinterest and a lot more other websites, but I still love LOOKBOOK the best.


I have always wanted a denim jacket and I have yet to find the perfect one. I love how effortless it is that she (Lua P) rocks the whole look. Thing is without the jacket it would actually love rather simple right? After seeing this, I have to put denim jacket on my clothing items I need. (Read: Need, not want)


Okay, I’m sold. Denim jackets are the best ever to pair up with shorts or with cute lacey dresses. So, anyone knows where I can get them from? :D Okay, denim jackets aside, because you may thinking just how ridiculous it absolutely is to wear it in this weather. Alternatively, there is always an option to deck out in a light weight jacket or outerwear. Like chiffon, are my absolutely favourite material. It’s sheer with a subtle hint of sexy.



And if chiffon really isn’t your style, you could always try knit. Especially those slouchy, oh-so-comfy knit style. There are the light weight ones, which is more suitable to be worn outdoors and there are also those thicker ones to wear to classes. Classrooms are always brrr… freeezing.


We cannot have a post on jackets and not talk about the ever so versatile leather jackets, which I have yet to find one as well. Speaking of which, I think I know where I may just find it. Recently, I was browsing online and I visited Zalora Malaysia website and my, it took me just 5 minutes to fall in love with one of the gorgeous cut out dresses. Too bad they ran out of my size, I would love to have that dress. I am pretty sure I’ll be able to find some pretty awesome jacket there too! Let’s see if they have leather jacket, yums!

Okay, I won’t be rambling on any further and I hope you enjoyed this rather short post on the “Looks I love, the jacket edition” . Since you’re so nice as to read this post, I’ll let you in a secret. I have always secretly wanted to do looks like the bloggers above have done and post my OOTD. But somehow, I don’t have anyone to help me. It gets to me because as someone who takes pictures, I know exactly what I want from a picture. Of course, it isn’t possible for me to shoot myself like the pictures above. Not until I upgrade my camera to one with wi-fi control. So, I secretly hope I end up dating a photographer who can help me shoot my OOTD. Shameless much, I know.

Anyways, I’ll end this post with a self-portrait picture that I took under my #Project52 last year, with grey high slit dress paired with a jacket from Zara. It is hardly close to a fashion looks, I was dressed rather simply for the picture.

Till next time,

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