Out & About: Astro on the Go’s Campus Roadshows

Having entered the working life a couple of years ago, I always find myself wishing I was back being a student. There are just so many perks of being a student ; all you technically need to do is pass your exams and there is almost nothing else to worry about. Besides that obvious reason, there is another perk in being a student. Restaurants, retails companies and brands are always dishing out fantastic offers to students!

I remember back when I was back in Sunway University, the Energy Hub (Cafeteria area) was often brimming with activities and not to mention, tonnes of freebies! We had food and drinks to sample before, charity bazaars over there, models search contests and even a live photo shoot session before.

And guess what now? A little birdy just told me that Astro is currently running Astro on the Go roadshow at various campuses around Kuala Lumpur area! Oh, being a university student is such a bliss! You get to attend all these fun roadshows. :)
The roadshows have been going on at a few other campuses earlier and you may have seen them in yours already. But fret not, if you missed those earlier ones as there are other roadshows at the following locations which you can still attend!
  • KBU - 6th June 2014, Friday
  • SEGi University Kota Damansara  - 9 June 2014, Monday
  • Multimedia University (Cyberjaya) - 10 June 2014, Tuesday
  • HELP University - 11 June 2014, Wednesday
  • Sunway University - 12 June 2014, Thursday

So, I heard that there are cool freebies, goodie bags and fantastic gifts that would be given out at the roadshows! Remember I said, everyone just love giving students these perks? So as students, take advantage of these opportunities I tell you… because you really won’t get much chance once you start working. T.T

Besides that, you also stand a chance to win a free 1-month access to premium content on Astro on the Go (AOTG)! There will a free premium merchandise for each sign-ups on a first come first serve basis, so you may want to be the few early birds there. Like most roadshows, there will exciting games and a chance to test out the AOTG programme before you subscribe for it.

If you’re wondering what Astro on the Go is, basically you can now watch Astro from your devices; phones, tablets and laptops too! I realised that it was launched for a while already and yet nobody bothered telling me about this. I can watch my favourite shows from my phone! Just how awhsum is that. :D

I haven’t had the chance to have a trial run of the app on my phone yet, because I’m planning to drop by the roadshows to learn more about AOTG. There will be handsome boys and pretty girls there to help answer any of your queries too, so I would have my questions answered over there too. :) So, seriously …what are you doing still reading this post? Shouldn’t you be on your way to the roadshows now?

I know I am, here’s a picture of my super excited face. Tee hee!

PS – I would be going to the Sunway University campus roadshow, so if you wanted to come see and have fun exploring the app together come see me on the 12th of June!

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