Review: Enchanteur Paris Body Lotions

If you know me, then you’ll know that I am not those who have the time to put on body lotion. Frankly, I keep my daily beauty regime as simple as I can. But don’t get me wrong, I love to look pretty and playing with make up. It is just that I find it troublesome that I have to put so many other stuff on myself just to look pretty. Isn’t there a simpler way to look good?

You probably get where this is heading to, but no, I’m not reviewing a new revolutionary all-in-one beauty product where you can look pretty with no effort. I’m actually going to review Enchanteur Paris Body Lotions, in fact I have all four bottles of their latest body lotions. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m really not those kind who put on lotion. But this time around, I decided to try if the lotions this time was any different from the previous one I had.

As you can see from the picture, the designs of the bottles are similar except for All-In-One Whitening where the colour of the bottle is orange. Other than that all the bottles are the same with 150ml in each of them. The bottle was designed in the typical “open and squeeze”  type which in my honest opinion made it a little tricky because sometimes I squeeze a little more. When that happens, I end up with far too much lotion for myself. =.=

That aside, let me go into short review of how I found each of the bottle. Let me start off with Light & Fresh. I never quite believed what the label says, I’m sceptical like that. So when I saw that it was supposed to be Light & Fresh, I was like “yeahhhh”. Except when I tried it, I was literally like “woww”. There is a very refreshing smell, and the smell lingers on the skin after you put it. It is sort of having perfume on. I read the label and then I realised that the lotion was based on the Mon Amie scent, which was perfume by Enchanteur Paris. This lotion has UV protection against harmful sun rays and it contains licorice concentrate that prevents the formation of dark pigment.

Next up is Firm & Repair, which helps to improve skin elasticity. For this, the lotion contains ingredients like micro collagen that firms up body tissues, keeping skin firm, supple and youthful looking. It also contains Swiss Edelweiss protects skin against free radicals and works actively to repair damaged skin overnight. For this purpose, I would then recommend that this lotion to be used before you sleep. :) I heard before that when we sleep, the skin repair itself so what better way to help that process than with a product which smell ridiculously good. This lotion has the Adore scent.

And now, we have the Triple Whitening. This product has 3 main whitening ingredients – Vitamin B3, Sakura & Licorice Concentrates which helps to whiten and even out the skin tone. If you’re always out in the sun, this would be perfect for you to help get fairer skin. The vitamin B3 helps stop the aggregation of melanin to prevent pigmentation which when you grow older will affect you, I know this because my mom talks about it all the time. Just like the rest, this lotion smells amazing and it is the scent of Belle Armour.

Last but not least, this is the All-in-One Whitening. Of all the four products, I loved this the most. :) It probably have to do with the scent of this, it smells surprisingly similar to Belle Armour of Triple Whitening. But this one smells less sweet and almost like a milder version. And guess what, if you are a fan of Victoria’s Secret’s perfume; Angel Gold, this smells really similar to that. The notes in the perfume used for both may be different though. Haha. Anyways, back to the lotion, I loved this the best mostly because there SPF24++ Sun Protection against harmful UVA & UVB sun rays. This mean I can just put this and leave the house without putting on additional sunscreen.

Overall, I am loving these four lotions although they smell so amazing that I am using it as a perfume. If you’re wondering, yes the smell lingers after hours long, just like a perfume! Sometimes, I catch myself sniffing my hands. I’ll probably go check the perfumes out now. And as for you, you really might want to check these lotion out!

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