Eat: Mid-Autumn Moon cakes from Royal Gourmet of Premiere Hotel, Klang

In conjunction with the up-coming Mid-Autumn festival, the team of chefs in Royal Gourmet have came up with a variety of moon cakes; Snow Skin Durian Paste, Snow Skin Pandan Lotus Paste, Sugar Free White Lotus Paste Single Yolk, Lotus Paste Single Yolk, Pure Lotus Paste and Pure Red Bean Paste. Out of the many types above, I got to sample the following moon cakes which was the first time I’m eating them this year!

| Snow Skin Pandan Lotus Paste |

| Snow Skin Durian Paste |

| Pure Red Bean Paste |

| Lotus Paste Single Yolk |

Personally, I have never been a fan of moon cakes except for those with yolks and if there was yolks in them, I would just eat the moon cakes for the salted egg yolks. I know I could just settle for eating salted duck eggs but hey, doesn’t taste quite the same when you have the lotus paste with it. As you can see from the pictures above, the moon cakes from Royal Gourmet have very thin crusts, just the way I love it. Never been a fan of those thick biscuit-y crusts, I prefer to have thicker fillings in my moon cakes.

And below is the complete list of the moon cakes flavours that Royal Gourmet has and the price stated below is for the box of similar flavours of 4 moon cakes.
  • Snow Skin Durian Paste | RM 88
  • Snow Skin Pandan Lotus Paste | RM 78 
  • Sugar Free White Lotus Paste Single Yolk | RM 88
  • Lotus Paste Single Yolk | RM 82
  • Pure Lotus Paste | RM 78
  • Pure Red Bean Paste | RM 68
If you prefer to have more choices, you can also opt for the Deluxe sets where you have the option to mix and match a couple of the flavours together and get the best of them all.
  • Deluxe 1 (2 Red Bean Paste + 2 Lotus Paste) | RM 73
  • Deluxe 2 (2 Lotus Paste Single Yolk + 2 Red Bean Paste) | RM 75
  • Deluxe 3 (2 Lotus Paste + 2 Lotus Paste Single Yolk) | RM 80
Now, for the best part for you, reading the post right now is that I have a 15% discount voucher for my readers which you redeem from Royal Gourmet of Premiere Hotel or at Paradigm Mall too! Just present this voucher and voila, 15% off on your moon cakes!

Bandar Bukit Tinggi 1/KS6, Jalan Langat, 41200 Klang, Selangor
03-3325 6868

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The chefs at Royal Gourmet had so graciously invited us into their kitchen to witness first hand, how a snow skin durian moon cake was made. So, here are some pictures of how the process is like.

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