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Today, I’ll be taking a break from my usual post on food, events or beauty to talk about something which is a topic that most would avoid. And even if they do talk about it, it’ll be behind closed doors. So, what' I’ll be talking about today is actually Premature Ejaculation (PE) which is is the inability to control or delay ejaculation before or shortly after penetration.

If you read that and wondering why I’m talking about premature ejaculation, it is because it is  something that more people need to be aware of. You may have heard about erectile dysfunction, which is similar to premature ejaculation, whereby it is both recognised as a medical condition by global health organisations. Like most other sexual related conditions, this PE medical condition is accompanied by heavy stigma by our society along with a lack of understanding of the condition in the Asia Pacific region.

Hence due to that, A. Menarini, an international biopharmaceutical company have decided to launch the BE BRAVE campaign to help create awareness among couples regarding this PE condition and that most importantly it is a treatable condition. It is from this campaign that I learnt more about this medical condition and how it can affect one’s sex life. The campaign pretty much aims to give men the courage to speak up about their condition and for their partner, the women to advocate for them.

Part of the BE BRAVE campaign comprises of a interactive online quiz called the “Which Inner Hero Are You” quiz, which is designed to be played by both men and women. In the quiz, the women play to discover which inner hero matches their partners’ personality, while men play to discover their own inner hero. The quiz is available on http://www.bebrave.my/, so hop on over there to give it a try.

Quiz front

If you click on the link above, you’ll be directed to the page above and you can then select your quiz based on your gender. :) I took the “superwoman” quiz, of course. After choosing the type of quiz, you’ll have a series of questions that you will need to answer. If you’re thinking, “Oh dear, is this like a survey or something?”, it’s not actually! You’ll be surprised at how the questions actually are. Here’s an example.

sample question 3

So, you can see from above that the question asked are something like those personality tests type or those quiz to know yourself better. It’s actually pretty interesting to answer these questions and see what happens to the results of the quiz! I don’t want to reveal too much of the questions but some of the questions were something along the lines of naughty thoughts while some actually asked more of a personal preferences to a varied type of questions. If you’re curious to know more, you should totally try it out at BeBrave.my.


And, ta-da! Here’s my result from the “Which Inner Hero Are You” quiz! So, it turns out that my partner would be the “Love Magnet”. Technically, if I had a partner I could match my results with him but hey, I'm currently pretty much single so I don’t have a partner to compare my results with. It would be lovely though if I had a partner and he was as how the quiz described him to be because that’s so mhmm, ah-mazing.

Control pe

Anyway, on a more serious note, you can see on the top right of the quiz screenshots above that there is a website; www.controlpe.com.my where you can find out more about premature ejaculation and ways to overcome the health condition. That is also the website where I learnt more about this medical condition, where you can find information of the condition, the correct facts, the types of treatment and diagnosis, along with a resources page.

There is also a list of clinics where you can head to, to speak and see the doctors for consultation of men’s sexual health. On top of these all, if you suspect you may have the condition, you can take the Premature Ejaculation Diagnostic Tool (PEDT Quiz). This will help you decide whether you need to see a doctor for a diagnosis and effective treatment.

Now that I learnt and am more aware of the condition, I have decided that more of my friends need to know about this, especially my girlfriends and the guys too. This condition may affect more people we know than what we expect, hence sharing is indeed caring in respect of this. So do share this website; www.controlpe.com.my with your friends and family, so that they would be more aware of this condition. You can also get them to play the quiz at BeBrave.my and like the BeBraveMY's Facebook page for further updates as well.

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