Review: Scholl’s Velvet Smooth Express Pedi - #MYVelvetSmooth's Experience

As I’m typing this with my right hand, I’m actually grinding ….. at the same time, using my left hand. Not that kind of grinding if you’re wondering *wink* , what I’m basically doing is just simply grinding the dead skins of my feet away using the Scholl Electronic Foot File. It will sound rather disgusting if you start imagining how that works. But today, I will leave nothing to your imagination and this review post will have pictures for better illustration and ideas of what the Scholl Electronic Foot File does.

I think many would agree with me when I say of all of our whole body, our feet would be the one part that many would have overlooked. We care less about the body part which we use the most when that should be given much more attention than due. Probably with this concept and idea in mind, Scholl have released a Velvet Smooth Express Pedi that can be performed by anyone and at the comfort of your own homes.

The Velvet Smooth Express Pedi kit comes with an electronic foot file, a roller head, 4 AA batteries and one cover. The roller head is a specially designed Micralumina replacable head (there are refills of the head available for sale) and combined with the electronic foot file, you’ll get a gentle and rotating action which is mild on the skin but yet it can effectively removes the dead skin.

I was pretty excited to give this a try, just to see if it is really possible to obtain the smooth skin after just one use. My first thought when I turned it on, was that it had a rather loud whirling sound which seem almost scary to put my feet under it. But after putting it on my feet, I realised that it was actually really ticklish and true to what it claimed, it was gentle on my skin.

After getting used to the grinding/whirling motion of the foot file, I manoeuvred it over the areas of my feet that I wanted it to be softer and I watched as the foot file worked its magic. I could see my skin being buffed and my feet appeared to be somewhat powdery white after using the foot file. It is recommended to spend only a couple of seconds working on one area, and not any longer than that.

Once I think I have achieved the level of smoothness on my feet, I stopped the foot file and compared it to my other feet which I hadn’t used it on. And it’s amazing soft, you’d really can feel the difference! It is amazing that my feet was instantly soft after using the foot file. It is then recommended to moisturise the feet after that, to keep the skin soft and moisturised!

Before | I have dry skin and my feet sometimes peels. :(

As you can see, there are slightly yellowish parts on my feet and those are basically the harder part of my feet due to all the walking and pretty much neglecting to care for my feet. I admit though that my feet is not one of the more severe cases, I know because my mom suffers from that.

After | Remember I mentioned about my feet being powdery white?

The picture above shows how my feet looked like after I used the foot file on my feet for a couple of minutes. You can see how it looks noticeably softer and after brushing off /washing the powder away, it feels like you just went through a pedicure! An express pedicure is just a turn of a switch away now, that’s how easy it really is to use this product. Personally, I found this rather fascinating and I love how amazingly awesome this equipment is. The fact is that it’s so portable and handy, you can pretty much use this anywhere. Now, whenever I feel like my feet needs some buffing, I just whip the foot file out and start to work on my feet!

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You can get the Scholl’s Velvet Smooth Express Pedi at all the Scholl's outlet and currently there is a nationwide RM10 discount for the product from 1st August 2014 till 30 September 2014! Click on this link;
My Velvet Smooth and there will be instructions there on how to redeem the RM10 discount voucher. :)

PS - If you’re interested to try the electronic foot file, you can do so at the foot pampering session at 1 Utama from 6 -10 August (right outside Watson)!

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  1. Awesome review. I was planning to get one for myself. Before that I had to read some reviews, your review popped up in Google :)