Review: The Facial Sculpting Experience at Premier Clinic–Part 2

Hellow! I’m back again to continue on where I left of in my earlier post about my experience in Premier Clinic. If you haven’t read the first post, here’s the link; Review: The Facial Sculpting Experience at Premier Clinic–Part 1. Read that before you read this! So, let me continue from where I last left off which was waiting for the numbing cream to take effect. If you never had numbing cream on your face before, you should try it at least once because I found it rather funny to lose sensation around my lower face area. I know I'm weird, that is what you would probably think of me now.

But anyway, once the effect takes place, one of their ever so helpful beauty assistants would help to remove and clean the cream from the face. They would then proceed to take a picture of your face before the treatment from 5 different angles. After that,  I was pretty much all prepped for the treatments.

The first treatment was the Botox treatment where Botox was injected into my masseter muscles using a technique which is called the “safe injection”  technique. This is a safer technique which ensures that the Botox is injected at the right spots in the muscle, with 3 jabs on each sides of the cheek. Dr. Aarthi used a pencil to draw and indicate where my muscle was and made markings at the three points where she would inject them into. To get the markings right, she asked me to bite on my teeth so as to identify the correct spots. 

After marking the spots, my cheeks were ready for the injection. For the injection, I was told to relax my muscle as contracting it would affect the accuracy and it would also hurt really badly. Because the muscles are located deep within the face, I felt like the needle was going in deep and once it reached the muscle, it was actually pretty painful. But I told myself it'll be okay because I just need to endure the pain for the moment. It did only hurt when the injection took place and not after that. 

Next up, was the Dermal Filler injection for my chin where a three point method is used for the injection. The filler was supposed to from below my chin upwards, but my skin was too thin there. Hence, Dr Aarthi injected from the middle of my chin instead. Compared to the Botox injection, this didn't hurt as bad. In fact, this was almost painless.

The filler works pretty much like a mouldable clay so after injection, Dr Aarthi would massage and try to sculpt the filler to give my chin a defined V-shape face. I found this rather amusing and amazing at the same time! 

Oh, I forgot to mention that for the Dermal Filler treatment, only sterile equipment were used. The gloves were changed to special sterile ones and I had a sheet which was sterile, placed over my chest as Dr Aarthi injected the filler. I wasn't allowed to touch my face as well for fear of the bacteria. The filler is a natural hyaluronic acid, that's why it is prone to fungal infection which could be rather nasty. 

Both the treatments were done in less than 15 minutes, all thanks to Dr Aarthi with her amazing skills who even took the time to explain to me what she was doing while actually performing the treatments. Would you believe if I told you that the effect of the filler treatment was immediate? Exactly! I didn't need to wait for it to take effect, as I sat up, I was given a mirror and ta-da!!! I had a V-shaped chin, and it was so amazing, I could not stop laughing. It's like at that moment you don't believe what you're seeing kind of laugh. 

As for the Botox, it would take 10 days to see the full effect of it. The idea was that the Botox would help to shrink the muscle and result in smaller cheeks. After seeing how amazing the filler works, I was pretty excited to see what my whole complete look would be like. I think I may just have the face of my dreams now. 

But to see that, the final and complete look..... You'll have to wait till the next post to read about the final part of my Facial Sculpting Experience and also, the pictures of my face! So, do look out for that last post. I'll be talking a bit more in depth about the products that was used on my face and what I felt after the treatments. 

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