Review: The *new* Pantene Pro-V Range

Ever since I decided to keep my curls, I have been experimenting with using different kinds of shampoos and conditioners for my hair. The thing about having curly hair and maintaining it, is using the right product. My hair have always been naturally dry and frizzy, so using the wrong shampoo could actually make it go worse. Like a full on frizzy hair, if you never had the privilege to see that… you can just imagine my hair like the lion’s mane. 

I have used about a dozen different types of hair care brand by now, ranging from drugstore to those salons one and I have yet to find the perfect shampoo for my hair. I remember growing up with brands like Sunsilk, Dove and oh, Pantene. I remember how amazing the Pantene’s hair products smells like, it was so good I used to smell my own hair especially when I had straight hair (when I rebonded my hair last time).

| Picture by Alex Rudra |

So, the thing is it never occurred to me to use the brands I mentioned above after I decided to keep my curls, most likely it’s because my hair stylists recommended mostly, salon brands type which doesn’t always work. There are some that makes my scalp itch because of the product build-up and some just makes my hair even more frizzy, when it’s supposed to be the opposite.

But what I didn’t know was that it wasn’t just the shampoo I was using that affected the condition of my hair. The Pantene Hair Research Institute (PHRI) experts have just discovered that the build-up of excessive minerals which are naturally present in water actually can have damaging effects on our hair. These minerals can lead to the fracture and erosion of proteins in our hair which results in brittle hair over time.

If that is really the case, then it scares me and maybe I should really consider washing my hair much lesser. Of course, that’s is an extreme approach to this scenario. Or I could just give the new Pantene Pro-V shampoo range with Keratin Damage Blocker technology a try. ;) Basically, with the new formula using the Keratin Damage Blocker (KDB) Technology, the excessive oxidative minerals will be neutralized as you use the shampoo on your hair. In fact the Keratin Damage Blockers, will actually help to prevent the erosion of hair proteins by minimizing mineral accumulation in hair. So, with a continued use of the shampoo, the proteins in the hair will be better preserved and naturally then, hair condition will improve over time.

The new Pantene Pro-V shampoo range includes Color & Perm Lasting Care, Daily Moisture Repair, Hair Fall Control and Total Damage Care. Of the four shampoos, I had the opportunity to try the Hair Fall Control and Total Damage Care, which had the most amazing smell ever. It felt like I had fruit punch in my hair, it was so sweet smelling, I had to stop myself from trying to lick the shampoo. First thoughts after using the shampoo; it was moisturising enough for my hair that my curls stayed in place. That was important for me, that the curls have their shape.

| Pantene Pro-V shampoo; Hair Fall Control |

| Pantene Pro-V shampoo; Total Damage Care |

As with the Keratin Damage Blocker (KDB) Technology, it would take continued usage to see the difference so I might be using these shampoos from Pantene for a while more before updating this post on the results. Meanwhile, you can always give them a try as well and tell me what your feedback is on them. *psst* giveaway!* If you’re interested to get these shampoos, they are priced at RM9.90 (170ml) and is available at all leading retailers nationwide.

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