Eat: Kafe Vietnam, Bandar Puteri Puchong

One of the amazing things I love about living in Kuala Lumpur/Selangor, is the myriad of cuisines you can choose to have in. This is probably why whenever friends ask me, “What to eat, ah?” .. I’ll be like, “Give me a type of cuisine, and I’ll check my list.”  I was in Kafe Vietnam, early last month and I managed to try some of the dishes and I have never tasted any Vietnamese cuisine as authentic as I had there. Kafe Vietnam is on my list now, if I ever crave for delicious authentic Vietnamese food.

I’ll mention briefly on the set up and ambiance of the place; it’s a simple, no-frills cosy cafe so the interior of the cafe is a very basic one. The cafe is located on a corner, with a mannequin dressed in blue ao dài, with the name of the cafe plastered above it. You won’t miss it for sure. Let us head on to the dishes I tried there.

Goi Ga, Chicken Salad | RM13.90

Goi Bo Bop Thau, Beef Salad | RM13.90

Goi Rau Cau Tom Thit, Jelly, Prawn & Pork Salad | RM13.90

We started things off with the few salads, in which the fresh vegetables are served with cooked chicken, beef and prawn. These salads are mixed with condiments like peanuts, herbs together with sweet sour-ish tangy fish sauce. I would say it is rather refreshing as an appetizer to kick things off for the night.

Thap Cam Cuon, Deluxe Mixed Platter of Thit Nuong, Nem Nuong, Chao Tom, Cha Gio | RM31.90

Then, we were introduced to the famous Vietnamese rice paper to eat together with the mixed platter above. The mixed platter above is made up of Skewered BBQ Minced Pork, Chunky Pork, Sugar Cane Prawn Cake & Fried Spring Roll. These are all to be eaten together with the rice paper and the fresh vegetables and fruits.

Bahn Xeo, Vietnamese Pancake | RM15.90

Pho Bo, Beef Clear Soup Rice Noodles | RM14.90

Bo Kho, Mild Spicy Beef  & Carrot Stew with Egg Noodles | RM14.90

Bun Bo Hue, Hue Slice Beef, Ham with Thick Rice Noodles in Spicy Soup | RM14.90

You cannot not have Pho, if you’re eating Vietnamese food. Having already had such a good start with the salads and also the rolls, I had my expectation higher for the Pho(s), and it didn’t disappoint one bit. To be honest, with the first slurp of the noodles coupled with the delicious soup, I was smitten. For a moment, it felt like I was in Vietnam eating this bowl of warm pho on a cold rainy night, by the streets. Of all the three, I loved the Pho Bo the most. The simplicity in the dish, brought out the very essence of what a simple clear noodles is like. This is comfort food at its best.

Com Ga Xoi Mo, Special Rice with Oil Seared Chicken | RM13.90

Com Thit Kho Trung, Rice with Stewed Pork Belly & Egg | RM13.90

Com Ca Basa Kho Tieu, Rice with Black Pepper Basa Fish | RM13.90

Vietnamese cuisines have always been rather famous for their rice noodles and I wasn’t aware of any of their rice dishes. The dishes above may seem like rather typical dishes, or it may even resemble some of the Asian dishes we have here already. The Special Rice with Oil Seared Chicken looks just like any other chicken rice dishes but the chicken here is oil seared, and not fried. This was you have crispy skin and tender, juicy meat on the inside. No wonder that this is a favourite among the kids.

Rice with Stewed Pork Belly & Egg is another rather simple dish, but the pork belly was so yummy-licious. It was those pork belly which slowly melts in your mouth. Yums! The stew had a mild taste, and it wasn’t very over powering. And my favourite of the three would be Rice with Black Pepper Basa Fish. This Basa fish is a type of fresh water catfish which originates from Vietnam and Kafe Vietnam have them imported from Vietnam itself. The fish was very fresh and you can taste the silky smoothness of the fish with the first bite. It was very appetizing to eat with plain white rice. In fact if you gave that to me, I can eat more than just two pieces of fillet.

Hen Xuc Banh Da, Fried Saffron Lala Meat with Sesame Seed Rice Crackers  | RM17.90

Overall, I loved almost every one of the dishes here from the salads, the rolls (my favourite!), the different variety in the noodles and also the rice dishes too. I’d be completely honest and say that when I finish my meal, it felt like I just had a meal in Vietnam itself. It really does taste as authentic as what I think the Vietnamese cuisine is. I do know for a fact that the chef hails from Vietnam, and the place is owned by Vietnamese. To further substantiate that point, the Vietnamese here in Kuala Lumpur eats at the place too when they miss their local dishes back home. It is safe to say that this is the closest to Vietnam that you can get without flying there.

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1, Jalan Puteri 4/1, Bandar Puteri Puchong
012-3015928, 03-8052 7472
Open from Monday to Sunday from 930am to 930pm

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