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Back in November, both my parents (if you don’t know by now, are food bloggers who goes by Auntie Lilly, and Uncle Hong, found this little gem nestled in an unassuming location of Pandan Indah, which serves Japanese Udon. I’m no expert in udon, but I loved the one from Kodawari Menya Udon and hated the one from Sanuki Udon.

So, when I found out about this place I knew I had to give it a try. Japanese cuisine had always my favourite cuisine, and when something this good comes by I have to give it a try. Before I move on, let me share with you something. I have a very simple guide to judging how well a restaurant is, which is to try their most basic or simple dish and judge it based on that one dish. This would set the tone and expectation of how the other dishes would fare. The logic here is if you simply cannot get even the basic right, how can you get the more complex dish to taste delicious?

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Let’s have the pictures to do the talking for me, as I tell you more about what I had in Udon-ya San.

Tsukimi Udon Soup | RM7

This is the house’s speciality, which is a udon served with a mildly flavoured broth Kake soup, along with fresh seaweed, spring onion, fried tempura flour bits and with a soft poached egg on top of the udon noodles. First sip of the soup, was just love. This was comfort food, something that you eat that will warm your tummies and leave you feeling contentedly fuzzy. The taste is mild and the udon, was springy nice. It doesn’t have the overwhelming doughy flourish taste to it.

Tsukimi Udon Dry | RM7

And here, you have the dry version of the Tsukimi Udon Soup which is also pretty delicious as well. If you’re up for some spicy kick to your udon, you can put some of the dry chilli paste in together with your noodles. The condiments of the Tsukimi Udon Dry is similar to the Tsukimi Udon Soup’s version, just sans the soup.

Curry Udon | RM8

For all Japanese curry fans out there, you’ll be delighted to know that there is a Curry Udon here in Udon-ya San. Personally I have never been a fan of Japanese curry, I like my curry to be as spicy and thick in flavour. The ones in Udon-ya San have a rich curry flavour and pairing it up with the udon seems almost like a match made. I’m really particular about having powdery taste in my curry, so I’ll be happy to let you know that this doesn’t have.

Carbonara Udon | RM9

Here’s Udon-ya San attempt at a fusion Italian by having the udon served together with carbonara sauce served with toppings of pancetta (cured pork belly) which is made by the chef himself. This sauce was light and creamy, with the combination of bits of pork belly… this is what food orgasm taste like in your mouth.

Mentaiko Udon | RM14

What would a Japanese cuisine experience be without having mentaiko? When this arrived at the table, I almost squealed out in delight. Mentaiko is one of my favourite food from the Japanese cuisine. These amazing mentaiko are premium quality cod fish roe. The udon is served in a creamy roe sauce and then topped with a generous dollop of mentaiko for more rich goodness. If I had it my way, I would eat unlimited bowls of this.

Mentaiko Udon | RM14

Black Pepper Udon | price unavailable

This was introduced by the chef, it is something that the chef is experimenting with whether customers would enjoy this and order it. When this arrived, for a split second I thought this looked like Hokkien Noodles. I thought it was an interesting combination, to have black pepper laden sauce with udon. Next up, I’ll talk a little more about the side dishes.

Ajitama | RM 2 for one egg, RM 4 for the plate above

Kakiage | RM 3

Assorted Vegetables Tempura | RM5

Chicken Karage | RM4

Tonkatsu | RM6

Chicken Katsu | RM5

Of all the side dishes above, I found myself really loving the Vegetables Tempura and the Tonkatsu. I usually avoid having tempura because I hate the thick batter used, but I found the ones here was lightly coated and the vegetables were crispy, paired well with the sauce too. The Tonkatsu was used using special bread crumbs shipped from Japan, which is why it has a light crispy batter while maintaining the juicy-ness of the pork. Of course, not forgetting the signature boiled eggs. From the picture, you can see that the egg yolk is still gooey and only the egg whites are partially hard. That, is the perfect Ajitama.

I would like to end this post with the unqiue drinks selection you can have at Udon-ya San. Pictured below (left to right) is the Passion Plum(RM5), Lemongrass Lemon(RM4), and Cucumber Lemon Juice(RM4).

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And that is all from me, I don’t need to tell you any further but I just found my go to place for some delicious comfort udon goodness. If you’re planning to head over to, here are the details of the restaurant.

// Udon-Ya San Restaurant // 
65 Jalan Pandan Indah 4/3A, Pandan Indah
011-1310 4182
Open daily except on Friday from 11am-3pm & 6pm-10pm

Till next time,

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