Snaps: July, my favourite month.

For the past two years, July was mostly spent on studies because my exams are during that month. This year was no exception and for 22 days up to my exam day, I was pretty much prepping for my exams. But that didn’t stop July from being my favourite month although most of it was spent in the library. After the exams, I headed back to the gym, went hiking, ate delicious food and had plenty of celebrations (birthday ones for me and my July babies). And of course, I picked up my camera and started shooting again. So this post will be a collection of the photographs that I have captured in my favourite month!
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Sashimi Moriawase from Edo Ichi

My beautiful date(s) for the night

Selfie with them girls

Celebrated the birthday girl!

Went for a hike and brought my camera along!

That was probably one of the best decision I made, because I wouldn’t have been able to capture the beauty that I saw there. Shutter therapy was something that I sorely miss during my study period days because I didn’t manage to head to streets to shoot nor did I head to parks to shoot nature photographs. Since I brought my camera along for the hike, I managed to capture a few things which caught for eye. :)

 Selfie at the peak!

So YOLO that we went to get durians after the hike!

Working on them back muscles at gym, with the help of my friends!

And here’s the group picture with everyone from the class.

Yakitori Moriawase from Ri-Yakitori

Wagyu Beef On Skewer from Ri-Yakitori

Tempura Moriawase from Ri-Yakitori

OOTD with one of my favourite black dress.

Selfie with Ivan TTS who is all suited up!

Selfie with my babe, Yvone before her hair turned purple!

Selfie with my bao beis who drove me down to Seremban for baked crabs!

Seremban famous baked BBQ crabs!

Spaghetti Pesto from Marmalade

Fishee House Red - Berries from Fishee Cafe

 Milky Spicy Crab from Leong’s Kitchenette

Look at all that crab roe!

Monster crabs from Klang! Thanks Yvone for bringing us here. :)

Unagi sushi from Sushi Mentai

Salmon sashimi from Sushi Mentai

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The photographs in this post are taken with the Olympus PEN Lite E-PL7 and either, with the Olympus 25 mm f/1.8 M.Zuiko Digital or Olympus 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 M. Zuiko Digital ED Zoom Lens. These are actually my daily gear set up that I carry about in a small pouch, placed inside my handbag. It is convenient that the camera only weighs 357g and with its compact size, I can fit both the 25mm lens, my favourite prime lens and the pancake 14-42mm lens. Even with the lenses and the camera, it doesn’t weigh too much and is still pretty compact. You can see it from the picture too! I usually fit an extra battery as well, just in case.

Before I decided to jump into the Micro Four Thirds (M43) family, I had to choose between the M43 or DSLR. And I would always remember what Alex said to me to help me choose which camera system would be more suitable for me. He asked, “Would you want a camera that you can carry around on a daily basis to shoot? Or would you buy a camera which you would only occasionally carry out because it is too heavy to be lugging it around?”.

After much consideration, I decided I would go for the option that would allow me to shoot on a daily basis. What is a point of a camera if all it would be, is to decorate my cupboard. Looking back, I’m glad I chose the M43 system. My friends are often surprised that I am able to carry my camera out and I’ve never been happier being able to shoot everyday (especially food and selfies!). But, I have one problem now. I have so many pictures that I need to organise them pictures properly! I’d rather have more pictures, memories captured than to have lesser and wished I had brought my camera back then.

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