Eat: Ri-Yakitori, St. Giles The Gardens Hotel

Japanese cuisines have and will always be one of my favourite cuisine, from the sashimi to the udon and ramen. I have mad love for them all. :) But there is one type of Japanese food which I rarely been able to try which is the kushiyaki or may be more famously known as the yakitori. Here’s what the Wikipedia said about it.
The term "yakitori" can also refer to skewered food in general. Kushiyaki (skewer grilled), is a formal term that encompasses both poultry and non-poultry items, skewered and grilled. Both yakitori and kushiyaki are used interchangeably in Japanese society to refer to skewered meat collectively; however, when referring to a specific item, yakitori will not be used unless the primary meat is chicken. – as per Wikipedia
The reason why I don’t have yakitori often enough is probably because I don’t know of many Japanese restaurants that serves them delicious and yummy. Well that was only until I discovered Ri-Yakitori which is conveniently located at St. Giles, The Gardens Hotel. The restaurant is specialised in serving mainly grilled skewered meats cooked using charcoal!

Here are some pictures of the food that I had that night, which ranged from a few different types of yakitori and some other delicious yummy Japanese food.

Cabbage Salad | Complimentary

Fried Garlic Mussel with Steamed Sake | RM 29

Yakitori Moriawase (Assorted Grilled Chicken) | RM 38

Yakiniku Wagyu Beef On Skewer | RM 41

Tempura Moriawase | RM 58

Shake Ochazuke | RM 17

Shake Ochazuke | RM 17

Kamo Nabe | Enquire the price with the restaurant

Mochi With Green Tea Ice Cream | RM 20

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My favourite dishes for the night was the Yakitori Moriawase, which allowed me to sample the different varieties of chicken yakitori parts. Really loved the wings of everything else on that platter. My next best one would be ahh, the Wagyu Beef on Skewer. The beef was tender and very well marinated, almost melting in your mouth. Oh so lovely! Another dish I loved would be the Tempura Moriwase. I’m usually not a fan of tempura because of the thick batter used, but at Ri-Yakitori, the batter used was light, fluffy and crispy! Dipped together with the dipping sauce, yums!

All in all, I had a wonderful experience dining at Ri-Yakitori. It was one of the best Japanese meals especially the yakitori, that I have had. The ambiance there is cosy and it’s a suitable place to unwind after work. Or you can bring your partner here for a date night too. It’s located on the 7th floor of Gardens Hotel and there is an option to be seated by the window. You’ll be treated then to a view of the Mid Valley city and also a glimpse of Bangsar, I think.

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// Ri-Yakitori Bar //  
The Gardens Hotel
Level 7, Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra

03-2268 1188 ext. 6323

Open from Monday to Saturday – 5PM to 1AM

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