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If I may be honest, I’d say the past few months and even the days to come are a trying time for Malaysians. We have seen how the Ringgit fell against other currencies, making it expensive to travel overseas. We have recently seen the increase of the toll rates by more the 100% for some of the highways. Petrol prices are also fluctuating, some months are more expensive than others. GST have also been implemented, making services and goods pricier than it was. And then, there are now talks to increase the ticket prices for public transportation.

It’s difficult to be burdened with these, in times of rising living costs but there is a way to reduce that. Shop on discounts! Personally, I enjoy shopping most during sales because you’d obviously be able to save a lot more than if you pay full price. (Note: I would still pay full price for products and services, if it’s worth the money.) There are plenty of websites which can help you save on your spending like one who gives out discounts when you dine at off peak hours. Even credit cards have cash back system, where you can get a percentage of discounts based on your spending.

What if I told you that I found out about an online website that allows you to earn cash backs on your online purchases? By online, I don’t just mean your clothing purchases online. Imagine being able to earn a percentage of cash backs on any spending online on the usual favourites like Zalora, Lazada, Agoda, Expedia, Reebonz, FoodPanda, Taobao, Qoo10, Hermo and many others.


If you think this really doesn’t exists, just like how fairytales are just tales, well you’re wrong because there is a website which allows you to do just that. It’s called This will change how you shop online because you’re now entitled to get cash back on your purchases. Here’s a simple pictorial to help me illustrate better for you. [I got this from their website, and have happily put them together here for easy reading.]
Those are pretty much the key things you’ll need to know about, which
  1. Pick a merchant from the hundreds of option available from
  2. You’ll be redirected to the merchant’s website. Note: You’ll need to purchase from the same browser after you’ve been redirected. That is how the purchase from the merchant is being captured by
  3. After the transaction is completed, wait for 48 hours for the cash back to be reflected. The cash back is based on the percentage given which varies from one merchant to another merchant. Occasionally, there are additional discount codes which you can use and also get the cash bank on. Look out for those!
  4. You can cash out your rewards once you’ve hit the minimum RM10, and the best thing is that it supports most common banks. That way, you get the cash transferred to your own bank account.
Here are just some of the popular merchants of, I’ve already seen at least 5 of my favourites online websites being listed there. Like Groupon, there are already massive discounts from Groupon and now, you even get the best deals on Groupon with cashback and promo codes. As you can see, there are different percentages of cash back given so you’ll get more cash for some and lesser for some. But no matter what, you still get cash! Which helps you to save those precious hard earned money. Stretching your Ringgit!

I’ve done some exploring on the website and to be honest, I cannot wait to get started with it. Thanks to the top online shopping and cashback site in Malaysia - website, I am now browsing for more clothes to purchase and more deals to spend on! I should be working or sleeping but no, I now have a motivation to shop more! Hahaha, Mommy won’t be pleased when she reads this post of mine. If you haven’t try it yet, do give a try and tell me what your experience is! Right this moment, I’m actually already planning my next travel destination and you can actually get the best travel deals via also.
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