Review: FUNA, the family locator app.

These days we have apps designed for each of our needs, from the simplest tasks to apps which can do incredible things just like the FUNA – Family Locator app! if you haven’t heard of this app before, what it does is actually helps to locate your family member without needing to check in on them, such as messaging or calling them.

How it works is basically you and your family members would both need to install the app; there’s an invitation to be sent out from one party to another. Only after accepting each other, will the location be shown. Sounds simple, isn't it? It really is that simple. After that, you can just let the app do its magic and it’ll tell you the whereabouts of one another.

In fact, the app can do more than just checking the whereabouts of your loved ones, because you are also able to send an SOS alert to your family members. I can imagine how especially useful it would be should your car breakdown, and you need help from them! The best part about the SOS alert is when your loved ones can see where you’re at and that way, they can come to you to your exact location.

Review: Personally, I have used the app for a period of a few weeks, getting my loved ones to join me on the app as it is only then would I be able to try and review the app. I found the app really useful for my parents especially given, the nature of my work which more often than not requires me to work till late. With this app, they were able to know of my whereabouts without needing to constantly check in with me. This helps a lot, since I rarely have time to check my phone during work. Besides work, on my weekends the app helps to inform my loved ones of where I’m at; if I’m watching movie, if I’m at the malls or etc. You can see it the real-life application of the app below.

In the experience shown below, I wanted to inform my parents just where I was at. With the FUNA app, my parents already knew where I was located at which was especially useful, cause whenever I’m out and about it is easy to get carried away and it’ll slipped my mind to inform my parents. Let me share with you another experience from using the FUNA app with my partner. He loves cycling, so he is often on the move cycling around. What happens when he does that is that he would cycle to a distance as far as 100km per session. As exciting as his passion sounds like, for me it’s a bit more worrying because I get so afraid if something would happen to him. But with the app, I would know when he reaches from Point A to Point B and vice versa. As he is on the move, he wouldn’t be able to text me of his whereabouts too.

My mom wrote a review on her experience of using the app, along with my sister’s experience as well. You can check out their postings here; & . So, if you’re considering to give the app a try by downloading the FUNA – Family Locator app today for Android or iOS, which is available for both Android and iOS phones!
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