Review: Say hello to healthy and shiny hair with Jemile Fran’s Juicy x Glossy Shampoo & Treatment Products!

Hello, lovelies! I’m back with another beauty product review and I’m rather excited to share with you about these products by Milbon. These products are of a new range known as Jemile Fran, which have both shampoos and treatments. They were recently launched at the Number76’s Starhill Gallery where I had the opportunity to attend it and had my first experience with the shampoo and treatment, demonstrated on me by the fantastic stylists at Number76.

During the launch, we were briefed on how their star product, the shampoo works. How it does it magic is through lathering the shampoo thoroughly through your wet hair; your hair need to be completely soaked for the bubbles to foam up. That is when the magic works, because the foams contains healthy nutrients which will seep into your hair to keep it moisturised and silky smooth! There are two type of shampoo to choose from, which is based on the type of hair you have. Naturally, my hair falls into the course type. The other type is the fine type.

On the other hand, the treatment works by improving your hair texture and giving you your desired hair texture for after the wash. What this means is if you love a silky and shiny texture after drying your hair, get the silky x shiny range. For me, with my curls, I would love a product which can keep my curls bouncy. Hence, juicy x glossy one is more suited for me as it add moisture to my hair.

I have taken closed up shot of the products, so that you can have a general feel of how it looks like. The packaging is of a very sweet light pink and simple, no frills design. Or minimalist, I would say. I love the simple designs and the squeeze type of dispensing for both the products are spill-free. Meaning, they don’t spill out excessive when you pour them out.

I have always received comments that my hair is damaged and frizzy, but it’s actually just because it lacks moisture to be honest. I am banking on this product to restore the moisture in my hair. From the launch, I received the product for me to try and use it at home. The launch was a few weeks ago and I’ve been using it since. Guess what? I loved it to bits!

It is are the most amazing hair product I have ever tried, and the best part is that it works on my curls too. It’s actually really difficult to find a product for my hair type given that majority of the market caters more for girls with straight hair. After using the product, my hair is very much softer and the curls more prominent. I used to have issues whereby my curls won’t behave and they love to bounce away from each other,  very much like a lion’s mane.

It is said that the more you use this product, the better your hair condition will get. I have already noticed this. I used to have tangles in my hair, but now as I run the water through it, I can actually comb my hair with my fingers without tangles. I can also feel the softness in my hair. But do you know what is the best thing about the product? It’s how amazing it smells like. Imagine spring with peonies blooming all over… that is what the shampoo and treatment smell of. It stays in your hair and just smell so damn goood.

So, where can you get the products? It is available in all Number76’s outlets, priced at RM80 for the shampoo and RM92 for the treatment. Currently there is a promotion where you can the limited edition gift pack which comes with both the shampoo and treatment but also with a travel sized set. Just as the one I photographed above. There are only 100 units available, so do hurry and grab while it last.

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  1. Awesome! Your hair looks amazing .. I will definitely try to find this product and give it a try!

  2. really have to love Korean and Japanese products which I am so crazy about... WOuld love to try this shampoo too... will check with my Japanese stylist if they have this...

  3. wow seems very nice! ok i must rush to the saloon now since only 100 units are available.

  4. I just discover this brand~ i'm looking forward for more products ~ =)

  5. That description on how it smells got me excited..eeheehehhe

  6. love the feminine pink packaging so sweet.

  7. Love love this packaging! I love product with nice scent this product looks convincing! I always have dry hair too I believe this is just what I needed =D

  8. wow the colour does bring out the beauty in your hair. superb!