Shout-Out: Happy Birthday, ALTHEA!

If you haven’t heard, your favourite Korean beauty website; ALTHEA turns one today! Ever since the website started one year ago, the much beloved website have been our gateway to the unlimited types of Korean beauty products we can get. Be it those much raved products in Korea to various different types from skincare to hair & body as well. So, thank you ALTHEA for enabling us to have our hands on these amazing Korean goodies. The best part is ALTHEA is celebrating its first anniversary by having various promotions and a customised pink box, the birthday edition to mark its first year!

ALTHEA’s birthday celebration is a week-long one starting today, the 20th till 31st July 2016. During this period, you will received a Limited Edition Birthday Box  with a DIY Party Kit (just as pictured above, the party hat was made from the kit) for all orders placed! What’s even better is that there will be free goodies for the first 1,500 shoppers (the goodies are full-sized products!). There is also a birthday giveaway, where you pick 3 top sellers items and you’ll be entitled to a 100% rebate in terms of ALTHEA’s store credit for your next purchases. So, if you’re still reading this now, you had better go to ALTHEA and start your buying spree!

Besides that, there is an Instagram contest on-going which begins today and ends on 15th August 2016. You can join the contest after you have received your party kit and wish ALTHEA Happy Birthday with the hashtag #altheaturns1 and stand a chance to win amazing prizes such as Macbook Air, Ipad Air 2, iPhone 6S, Galaxy S6 Edge, Canon EOS M10 Selfie Camera, Althea credits and beauty hampers from Althea! The prizes are worth a total of KRW10,000,000 to be won. So hurry, shop and Instagram it now!

I'll be posting another post on my hauls and hopefully reviewing the products as well. So do look out for that post! Meanwhile, hop on over to ALTHEA and begin your shopping spree!

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Out & About : The Star Closet - Celebs & Bloggers Bazaar by ClosetStyles

It’s been a rather eventful day for me today, kicking off the much-awaited weekend with The Star Closet - Celebs & Bloggers Bazaar organised by ClosetStyles. But this was not before a series of ‘minor’ accidents (injured my feet while preparing for the bazaar)… In the end, I arrived about 30 minutes after the bazaar started. The venue was located in the Tropicana City Mall, at the new extension area which is a spacious area for a bazaar to be held.

Despite arriving late, I managed to prepare my booth in a jiffy because everything was already provided and set up for us! There was racks filled with clothes hangers too ready for us. Unfortunately, I had an ‘enthusiastic’ vendor next to me who used the hangers from my rack for her clothes…. +___+”. Oh wells, lucky thing I brought my own ones too.

My booth is located within a dedicated air-conditioned space, which was very comfortable to be located at. It wasn’t hot at all, it even went to a freezing cold too because it rained during late afternoon. The crowd today was little bit more mellow, probably dampen by the rain too. But hey, tomorrow is a Sunday and the bazaar is still on-going for the last day!

Do come and say hi to me at the bazaar! Bring your friends and family over too, as you’ll be able to meet the rest of the bloggers and celebrities too! Thank you to my friends and loved one, for coming today and helping me out. I really appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart! Thank to my fellow bloggers for dropping by too; CindyCookies! and Kelvin too. Another shout out to my other friends who tried to come but couldn’t make it in time, cause of rain and jam :(

Ending this post with a picture of my other booth neighbour, the gorgeous babe from Loved her unicorn pastel hair, much envy! By the end of the day, I was simply exhausted surviving on only 4 hours of sleep. It shows from the picture too, right? Hope to see you, lovelies later at the bazaar. Details as per the poster at the top!

Just show ClosetStyles app for FREE entry (Download ClosetStyles free app at Apple App Store and Google Play Store) and receive a free goodie bag too! The goodie bag has ClosetStyles shopping vouchers, KOSE Skincare products, Christy Ng Shoes vouchers and many more!
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Out & About: Parents’ Day with Nara Kitchen and Ketchup

The month of May and June have always been special days for all mothers and fathers alike as we celebrate our love for our mothers and fathers. This year, I’ve been blessed to be able to spend more time with both my parents on those respective days. But to make things sweeter, I entered a contest organised by KetchUp a few months back, to be in the running to dine at one of the restaurants partnered up with KetchUp. One of the restaurants is Nara Kitchen & Co, which I fell in love with since I stepped into the place when they first opened!

As it turned out, I won the contest (yay!) and the team KetchUp have selected Nara Kitchen & Co for me to dine in with my parents! I was pretty chuffed that we’ll be dining at such a lovely place with really gooooooood yummy food, and I have my parents to share the dining experience with. Of course, on top of it, I get to spend time with my food bloggers parents. If you haven’t checked out their blog yet, you should do so now. My mom blogs at FollowMeToEatLa and dad blogs at BestRestaurantToEat, show them some love!

It was indeed an amazing dining experience at Nara Kitchen & Co, the food was healthy and wholesome (just as how I remember it when I first visited). This time around Caroline, the owner of Nara Kitchen & Co was there too, and she recommended a few of her delicious, favourite food to us too! But really, it wasn’t just the food that made the experience a memorable one but kudos to KetchUp’s team for planning a surprise during the lunch! I managed to surprise my parents with flowers and chocolates. Even Daddy got a bouquet of flowers and chocolates too!

Thank you KetchUp and Nara Kitchen & Co for the experience and celebration with my parents. Nothing can quite compare to spending quality time and bonding with my parents. :) By the way, KetchUp have also recorded a video of the lunch. You can watch the video of it here, excuse my awkward voice :p KetchUp Parent's Day @ Nara Kitchen & Co.

* * * * * * * * * *

If you’re curious on the food we had, I took some lovely pictures of the food served to us. Most of them were recommended by Ms Caroline of Nara Kitchen & Co, so you can be sure that they are delicious and probably is one of the best sellers of the restaurant.

Big Belly | RM 26.00

Daddy was deceived by the word belly in the dish and was expecting pork belly salad. Instead, this gorgeous mix of white organic quinoa, fresh mint, roasted beets, orange wedges, kyuri (a Japanese cucumber) paired with homemade hummus and then topped with miso vinaigrette.

Brilliant Breakfast Pudding | RM 17.00

When this arrived, the inner child in me was going “This is such a cute food, I just want to dig right in to it!”. I managed to get a quick photograph of it before I tried this cutesy food. It’s actually a rice pudding made with fresh vanilla milk, then topped with poached apricots, toasted almonds, fresh mangos, red orange zest and edible flowers!

Soup of The Day | RM 18.00

This was the Soup of The Day, which is actually a creamy broccoli soup with a truffle and cream drizzle. There is a little added surprise in the soup too because there were slices of sausages in our soup too! The soup of the day changes everyday, so do ask on the daily specials before you place your order. If it happens to be broccoli, you should give it a try because I love it to bits. I think this is something everyone should try at least once. It’s unique to have it cooked the creamy soup style.

Nara Donburi | RM 36.00

THIS, right here… is why I fell in love with Nara Kitchen & Co. The egg in the Nara Donburi is the 63 degrees egg cooked to perfection and topped with ikura (salmon’s roe), served with torched salmon, miso zucchini with truffle mayo shredded seaweed on top of sticky Japanese rice. The rice has an accompanying sauce, which can be quite overwhelming when there is too much of it. So be sure, to let the waiter know you’ll prefer less sauce. You can always ask for more sauce to add on if it’s insufficient.

  Pink Lobster Salmon Pasta | RM 61.00

I remember coming across a picture of this on Nara Kitchen & Co’s Instagram page (@NaraWithLove) and told myself that I have to give this a try one day! This is pasta is served with grilled lobster meat alongside with salmon chunks cooked in creamy tomato sauce topped with sundried tomato, parmesan and cilantro. The lobster is oh-la-la fresh, and juicy to chew one. Just can’t get enough of it. The portion of the mains are quite huge as you can see above, so best to share with friends! Not to mention, that they are really very generous with their servings!

Seared Duck with Squid Ink Pasta | RM 49.00

When I first saw the name of dish on the menu, I actually thought it was a squid ink sauce paste. However, it arrived in a creamy primavera sauce and then I realised that in the description, it is stated that it’s a cream sauce pasta! It’s just that the pasta used is the squid ink linguine. So the pasta is served with seared duck breast in five spices, shimeji mushrooms, cherry tomato and topped with alfalfa sprouts. This dish is quite creamy on its own, so if you were to order, just one cream sauce based for the main dish would be sufficient.

If you realise we actually had two main cream based dishes and that actually left us feeling slightly bloated. We were so so stuffed after all the dishes above, so we didn’t have desserts!

* * * * * * * * * *

All in all, it is such an amazing experience dining at Nara Kitchen & Co and to be back there again, with my parents. Completely honest, I’m guilty for not spending enough time with my parents especially with the demands of my work and trying to balance my social life too. So, it’s really great to bond over good wholesome, comfort food at Nara Kitchen & Co. A huge thank you once again to KetchUp’s team and Ms Caroline, Nara Kitchen & Co!

Till next time,