Out & About : The Star Closet - Celebs & Bloggers Bazaar by ClosetStyles

It’s been a rather eventful day for me today, kicking off the much-awaited weekend with The Star Closet - Celebs & Bloggers Bazaar organised by ClosetStyles. But this was not before a series of ‘minor’ accidents (injured my feet while preparing for the bazaar)… In the end, I arrived about 30 minutes after the bazaar started. The venue was located in the Tropicana City Mall, at the new extension area which is a spacious area for a bazaar to be held.

Despite arriving late, I managed to prepare my booth in a jiffy because everything was already provided and set up for us! There was racks filled with clothes hangers too ready for us. Unfortunately, I had an ‘enthusiastic’ vendor next to me who used the hangers from my rack for her clothes…. +___+”. Oh wells, lucky thing I brought my own ones too.

My booth is located within a dedicated air-conditioned space, which was very comfortable to be located at. It wasn’t hot at all, it even went to a freezing cold too because it rained during late afternoon. The crowd today was little bit more mellow, probably dampen by the rain too. But hey, tomorrow is a Sunday and the bazaar is still on-going for the last day!

Do come and say hi to me at the bazaar! Bring your friends and family over too, as you’ll be able to meet the rest of the bloggers and celebrities too! Thank you to my friends and loved one, for coming today and helping me out. I really appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart! Thank to my fellow bloggers for dropping by too; CindyCookies! and Kelvin too. Another shout out to my other friends who tried to come but couldn’t make it in time, cause of rain and jam :(

Ending this post with a picture of my other booth neighbour, the gorgeous babe from http://www.arisachow.com/. Loved her unicorn pastel hair, much envy! By the end of the day, I was simply exhausted surviving on only 4 hours of sleep. It shows from the picture too, right? Hope to see you, lovelies later at the bazaar. Details as per the poster at the top!

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  1. I like ur this post! so many nice photos! and didnt know you was there too! Hope to see u around in the future!