Shout-Out: Markets by Jaya One, the 19th edition!

Man, don’t you think that time flies by too quickly these days. I know I’ve been feeling so lately, especially with many of my friends already working and some even marrying now. I still remember those days in school with these friends of mine… oh, how we would crawl you many online blogshop and just browse. Back there, the online blogshop scene was booming and there were so many options to shop but there was a downside to it. We couldn’t try, see or touch these items since there were sold via online. Then came Markets which brought these online shop to an offline bazaar, where we could see these items in person and buy them.

Fast forward to now, Markets has ran 18th edition of their lifestyle bazaar and will be running the 19th edition, come this weekend! It’s their second time this year, so if you missed the first one this year, you can catch it at Jaya One on 6 and 7 August 2016, from 11am until 7pm on the Ground Floor! As I mentioned previously, this bazaar have now grown to host a plethora of vendors catering for fashion-savvy individuals, food lovers and music enthusiasts to find the best in fashion, gastronomy and entertainment.

There would be a whooping total of 80 different booths ranging from footwear, homemade paraphernalia, apparel and artisanal food! You’ll be sure to find something there that would suit your fancy. I’m eyeing on the clothing and food, mostly! Besides that, there will be entertainment from local up-and-coming musicians such as Nan Blues, Monsoon Market and Wolf that will be belting out melodic acoustic tunes to keep the crowd entertained. You can find the full list of the booths below! Do keep the layout below in your phone for easy reference since there are so many and it’s hard to keep track!

This time around, Markets 19 will be special for me as I will be having a booth there as well, selling my pre-loved items. I’ll be having cheap sale for my clothes, starting at just RM 5. There will other items for sale such as this Temporary Tattoo Eyeliner and Temporary Lip Sticker at just RM1 each! This is super clearance, so come support me and show your love. I’m located at Booth 79, the bloggers area, so do find me there! I’ve been really blessed to have friends come support me at my last booth gig which was for the Celebs & Bloggers Bazaar by ClosetStyles (see the pictures below!). Fingers crossed, I hope to see friends dropping by to support and accompany me again!

So, what are you waiting for? Mark down in your calendar and block the dates to attend this bazaar! Parking is only RM 3, a flat rate for the day. Do note that if you’re parking in the basement, park near Block J or Block H as these are the closest to the bazaar. :) See you there! Oh by the way, there will be goodie bags given out as well, so come early to grab them bags! 

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