Eat : The Eating Guide at TasteMIGF, Berjaya Times Square

A couple of days back, I posted a shout-out on the return of TasteMIGF - the spectacular preview event of the Malaysia International Gastronomy Festival (MIGF), which is happening today; 24 September 2016 and tomorrow, 25 September 2016. At this event, you get to try bite-sized portions from participating restaurants from their specially crafted Festival Menus, in conjunction with the Malaysia International Gastronomy Festival.

I’ve been given the opportunity to experience the TasteMIGF, the night before it was launched in Berjaya Times Square. There, I was able to try these dishes from all the participating restaurants, there is a total of 26 restaurants in the Theatre of Cuisines. Even then, I didn’t managed to try all the food there, because there is just too many yummy, delicious food. :) To help me plan my gastronomy journey, I used the special TasteMIGF event magazine which have already conveniently list out all the participating vendors along with the dishes that they are serving.

In the magazine, you’ll be able to know the prices of the the dishes. The dishes are priced in terms of Gastro Dollars, and these can be purchased in booklets. There will be 10 dollars in each booklet, and the price per booklet is RM50.

As I have tried most of the restaurants yesterday, I decided to compile the Eating Guide for those who will be visiting this weekend. Here are my top favourite restaurants to try and sample the dishes from! Note, the RED NUMBER in the picture below, shows the Gastro Dollars required for each dish. :)

DC.Restaurant by Darren Chin

My favourite restaurant of them all, is DC Restaurant! This is mainly because there were one of the few ones that actually cooked on the spot. So you get to eat these dishes served fresh in front of you. I love the Scallops with a Fine Herb Sauce and Braised Angus Beef Short Rib with Shaved Black Summer Truffle. If you are up for a surprise too, then try the Tempura of Courgette flowers from Cameron Highlands. There is a something more than just fried tempura vegetables. :)



Neroteca have always been Calvin’s favourite Italian restaurant, but I have only dined there once. This time around, we had the chance to try more of their dishes. I loved the Mare & Monti, which is a platter of seafood (there’s scallops, mussels and squids!) served on a bed of mashed potatoes! The Agnello “Caccio e Ovo”, is medium well done beef steak which is sliced thinly, and served with marinated eggs on a bed of rockets!


Marini’s on 57

Marini’s on 57  is next on my list because I absolutely loved the Assorted Cheese with Condiments. They have the Truflle Cheese, which if you love truffle, you’ll fall in love with this. I never knew of this, and now I’m craving for more as I type this now. Please do try this, because this will blow your mind! The Cannaroli Risotto with Fresh Autumn Mushrooms and the Monte Verde Smoked Duck, Baby Tomatoes and Truffle, is a delicious rich blend of complimenting flavours.



This restaurant from Genting Highlands, comes in next with the most amazing soup I have tasted. The Double-boiled Giant Grouper with Cili Padi Soup, it’s yummy with a hint of spicy-ness, which I was told comes more from a pepper soup base actually. The grouper slices is smooth too, and you’ll find straw mushrooms and salted vegetables in the soup too. YUMMY!


Southern Rock Seafood

Actually, I didn’t try any of the dishes except the freshly shucked oysters! Southern Rock Seafood actually supplies their oysters to majority of the restaurants in Malaysia. The oysters were very fresh and delicious, so much so that Calvin and I had a dozen for just ourselves. Too yummy! So do give it a try when you’re there. :)

Super Gourmet Safari at the Theatre of Cuisines

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry on over to Level 14 of Berjaya Times Square and head to the Super Gourmet Safari at the Theatre of Cuisines. The Theatre of Cuisines will be open from 11am-10pm on both days of Taste MIGF, during which visitors can buy their Gastro Dollars and embark on a Super Gourmet Safari. Gastro Dollars will be available on the day of the event itself but can also be pre-ordered online at a 5% discount and then collected at the venue later. Visit for full pricing information. Share with me your experience if you’re there!

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