Eat : Fortuna Palace Seafood Restaurant, Kajang

When it comes to food, the distance travelled to get there is negligible when the food is deliciously amazing. This time around, my gastronomic adventure brought me to the quaint Kajang town. Located along a row of shops, stood a grand restaurant called Fortuna Palace and true to its name it feels like a palace of three storeys high.

Review : My Botox Treatment at Premier Clinic, Bangsar

If you ask me on the one thing I'd like to change about my face, I would say .. "my chubby cheeks". I'd say that in a heartbeat, no doubt about it. I don't like it because I always appear to have a bread face on pictures. It is hard to look good at any angle if you have chubby cheeks. Some girls can pull that look cute but unfortunately that doesn't make me look cute. So, the solution is simple.