Review : My Botox Treatment at Premier Clinic, Bangsar

If you ask me on the one thing I'd like to change about my face, I would say .. "my chubby cheeks". I'd say that in a heartbeat, no doubt about it. I don't like it because I always appear to have a bread face on pictures. It is hard to look good at any angle if you have chubby cheeks. Some girls can pull that look cute but unfortunately that doesn't make me look cute. So, the solution is simple.

Get a Botox treatment.

There are tonnes of taboo surrounding this type of treatment, especially when you mention the words Botox. This is probably contributed by the portrayal of a frozen expression-less face if you used Botox. But the thing to note, is that only happens when you overdo it or you probably got the treatment done by uncertified practitioners. However, when administered by experienced and certified doctors, you’ll be sure to be able to achieve the results you previously only been able to dream off.

Trust me, I don’t judge. In the end, do what makes you happy because it’s your own life. As long as your life (or others’ lives) are not endangered… just do it! So I went ahead to get the Botox treatment done at Premier Clinic, the Bangsar branch.

Premier Clinic, Bangsar.

The clinic is located at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru which is the same row at the post office and right next to Raj Banana Leaf Restaurant. Parking is always a hassle around Bangsar area so it was a great relief when I realised that there is a spot reserved right outside the clinic that I could park. This spot is reserved specifically for customers of Premier Clinic only.

Once you have arrived, you’ll be brought into the waiting room where you can wait comfortably before you meet the doctor for your consultation. My doctor is Dr Aarthi Maria, a cheerful sweet lady who is always smiling. During the consultation, you can get advice on which treatments are best suited for the results that you would like to achieve. If you have any concerns at all, you can ask during this consultation too.

The Botox Treatment.

The treatment itself is a very straightforward and easy one, but must be performed by an experienced doctor. Only a doctor akin to that of Dr Aarthi Maria’s experience can assess and gauge on the right dosage to inject into my masseter muscles. The purpose of injecting the botox is to relax the muscles and then shrink it further.

The first step to this treatment is actually the application of anaesthesia cream over my cheeks area to numb them. That way, I wouldn’t be able to feel the needle during the injection. It’s best to have no make-up on when you’re doing these aesthetic treatment. But even if you do, fret not as the clinic assistant would be glad to help you remove them.

I was brought to the treatment room, where I lay down with my hair in a net for hygiene purpose. The removal of make-up and application of the cream was performed on me, whilst I lay down comfortably. The cream takes about 30 minutes to work its magic, numbing my skin. I really couldn’t feel my cheeks when I touched it except for some pressure when I pressed it.

The cream was removed and just like that, I’m ready for the Botox treatment! Before the injection is performed, Dr Aarthi Maria would need to plot our three points on each sides of my cheeks to inject in. There is a need to identify exactly which three points because the aim is to target the largest part of the muscles but at the same time, the Botox need to spread to the rest of the muscle. To do this, I was asked to bite because it would help to identify exactly where my muscles are. The knowledge of identifying the three points comes with the experience from the doctor. It is only through experience that one would know which best three points are for each patients. I know that I’m in good hands, because Dr Aarthi Maria have years of experience.

After plotting of the three points, I was ready to be injected. Here comes the kan cheong moment, when the needles is actually stuck into my cheeks. I had expected it to hurt badly, especially when the needles touches my muscles. But, it was pain free. The only thing I feel was a teeny tiny prick when the needles poked through my cheek.

The Botox are then injected respectively into the allocated points, and just like that the treatment is done! Dr Aarthi Maria recommended that I kept on chewing for the three hours to enable the Botox to spread more evenly. Hence, chewing gum is the best option. Just like that, I was done! The whole treatment actually took less than an hour plus or so to complete!

The results of the treatment would only be visible after 10 days, and a second consultation is required within a period of two weeks plus. The second consultation is for Dr Aarthi Maria to assess whether the application of the botox or the treatment have been done nicely. This is more of a procedure only, but it’s good to have a follow up. That way, if you have any additional queries you can check with her during the second visit!

Address & Contact Details

// Premier Clinic //
40 Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
012-662 5522
Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm

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A huge thank-you(s) to Dr Aarthi and Premier Clinic, once again for the excellent treatment to slim down my chubby cheeks! If you're interested to do this treatment, do sign up for a consultation! If you mention my blog, you might get a discount. :p


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