Eat : Shuck It, Whiskey Time! by Boozeat

I first heard of Boozeat when I came across their free flow of freshly shucked oysters at only RM99. Considering that I've paid for fresh oysters which goes up to RM18 per piece, RM99 for an unlimited supply of it seems like a good deal. Unfortunately I haven't been able to attend of these events because my weekends are so often packed with activities and I couldn't also find a friend who loves oysters as much as I did.

EAT: Christmas Menu at Dining Room, Macalister Mansion

The Macalister Mansion is a gorgeous, boutique hotel  which is located along the historic Macalister Road in Georgetown, Penang. The Macalister Mansion is a 100-year old colonial mansion which was built in the early 1900s and have been restored into the beautiful state currently. Within the mansion, there are food and beverage outlets which is branded as distinct rooms in the mansion; Dining Room, The Den, Living Room, The Cellar, The Lawn and 8 Rooms.

This really reminds me of the many movies/dramas we watched of the huge mansion or palace, which has different names with unique concepts and themes. It sounds like a very interesting place to visit if anyone had the opportunity to. As for me, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of dining at Macalister Mansion’s  Dining Room, thanks to the gracious head chef, Mr Johnson Wong.

The Dining Room is a fine-dining restaurant of a white colonial decor, with a giant faux white tree in the centre of the room. As you enter the doors to the restaurant, you’ll be greeted by the courteous waiters/waiteress who will then guide you to your seats. Calvin and I had unfortunately been caught in a massive jam which took us 9 hours to reach Penang, but Chef Johnson Wong and his impeccable team had still graciously hosted us despite us arriving much later than scheduled. 

For our dinner in the Dining Room, Chef Johnson have prepared us two different course meals; one is the current menu that they are serving and another is the Christmas Menu which I have the privileged to sample before it was launched. As Christmas is coming in a few days, I have decided to focus on just the Christmas Menu at Dining Room for this post.

EAT: Christmas Buffet at Big Apple, Berjaya Times Square Hotel

Christmas is one of the most magical season of them all, and I think that has to do with it being the season of joy and gifts! Of course, Christmas comes along with plenty of delicious yummy feast, I’d always remember how every year my family will visit my dad’s close friend and we’ll have our Christmas meal with them which is usually followed by the exchange of gifts and watching movies marathon too!

If you’re wondering how to spend Christmas this year, I have a good suggestion on where you might want to head to for Christmas’s Eve. You can head on over to Big Apple Restaurant at Berjaya Times Square Hotel. The amazing chefs of the restaurant have put together a feast offering a wide array of approximate 200 plus dishes.